[Top 21 Provider] Best Free Government Phone In 2023

The search for free government phones has risen highly due to the increased stress of the Coronavirus pandemic in the past few years. In this recent public health emergency, the poverty rate of the US increased from 10.4% to 11.9%, which is about 1.5 percent. 

The low-income households have suffered most from this emergency since most low-paying or less significant work have been postponed due to the Covid-19 pandemic. In this circumstance, it was tough for households to bear the expenses of communications and broadband. 

That is why the US state and federal governments have come forward with an initiative to help those individuals stay connected. The government has covered the free cellular service under the Lifeline and EBB (Emergency Broadcast Benefit)Program. 

Let’s discuss the free government phones and some top providers in detail! 

What Do You Indicate By a Free Government Phone? 

Free government phones are mainly cell phones or smartphones provided by the government for free of cost. They are primarily offered under the Federal approved Lifeline or the government aid programs. 

It is a free program that is open to all the citizens of the country, and the qualified ones will be able to receive the free phones, including other cellular services. These phones provided by the government are equipped with essential features and functionality that can lead your everyday tasks. 

The Federal government of the United States and the USAC(Universal Service Administrative Company) has combined the functioning of the free government cellular service program. Anyone with the qualifying conditions can apply for free and get the benefits. 

Is a Free Government Phone Really Free?

Giving away government phones with broadband benefits is an initiative of the US federal government as a relief effort for the individuals below the federal set poverty line. Qualify with your annual household income or by any Federal launched programs. 

You can be eligible for the free cell phone services with minutes, text, and internet along with a free government phone. A government cell phone is free of cost in most cases for the majority of the providers. Sometimes, a group of fraud people claims to provide free phones. 

But in reality, they take the money and harass you in the name of free service. However, if you are a low-income individual with federal set eligibility proofs, you can quickly get a free government phone with cellular services. 

Who Gets The Free Cell Phone From The Government?

Free government cell phones are launched for any category of people with all the qualifying requirements. It is accessible to any legal US citizen who qualifies with the federal programs or the annual revenue status.

According to the Federal Communications Commission, any individual with an income status below 135 percent of poverty can apply for the free government program. 

Moreover, if you are getting assistance from any Federal government launched programs like SNAP, Medicaid, TANF, etc., you can also be eligible for the free cell phone program.

However, seniors or older adults receiving Social Security Benefits can also apply for this free government phone campaign. Let’s give a detailed look at a few of the qualifying requirements!

How to qualify for a free government cell phone? 

If you meet the eligibility criteria for FCC programs and have a low annual income, you are entitled to receive free cell phones. To qualify, you must meet the following requirements:

Income Based Eligibility

If you are looking to attain a free cell phone for seniors through the Lifeline program or another government aid initiative, your annual income can be used as proof of qualification. Any individual or family with an income at or below 135% of the federal poverty guidelines may qualify for free government cell phone.

Program Based Eligibility 

If you are enrolled in any of the following programs, then you can qualify for free cell phones designed specifically for senior citizens without needing to do additional paperwork. Here is an array of eligible Lifeline Assistance Programs that offer free phone service and cell phones.


Medicaid is one of the most extensive medical assistance programs in the United States, operated by the CMS(Center for Medicaid and Medicare Services).

Each year the US federal government declares billion dollars budget under this program. It provides health insurance and other medical coverage to more than 70 million US citizens living with a low-income profile. 

According to the American Bureau, it is almost 23 percent of the total American citizens. It is a medical insurance program for low income households or the seniors of the society.

Medicaid has been providing free medical insurance services to needy individuals of the United States since 1965. On average, all Medicaid enrollees can get free medical services worth 5700 dollars.

Public housing assistance

The United States Public Housing Assistance is commonly known as Section 8, according to the US Housing Act of 1937. The US Housing and Urban Development(HUD) agency come with the initiative to provide housing and apartment rental programs for low-income households. 

Based on the research of the American statistics bureau, more than 5.2 million Americans are receiving public housing assistance. During the Great Depression in the 1930s, the Federal Housing Assistance Program was first introduced by the government under the Department of Housing and Urban Development, US. 

Supplemental Security Income

Supplemental Security Income is known as SSI, which is mainly a US federal government program. It comes with initiatives to provide cash payments for the US seniors aged 65+, disabled adults and children, etc. In 1972, the Supplemental Security Income was in function, and the Social Security Amendments created it.

It was mainly created to replace the federal assistance program for adults. SSI is mainly funded by the General Treasury Funds of the United States.

Most people assume that the Social Security Trust Fund funds it. However, nearly eight million Americans are now receiving benefits from this SSI program.

The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program(SNAP)

Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program or SNAP is known as the Food Stamp Program, which is a Food assistance program for low-income individuals. The US Department of Agriculture and the FNS(Food and Nutrition Service) mainly administrate the SNAP program.

As of 2018, SNAP provides more than 40 million US citizens free food assistance. US Federal and state governments have set a budget of 60 billion dollars for this program.

Roughly 10% of the total US residents are now receiving this benefit. If you receive benefits from SNAP, you can get a permit for a free government phone.


FDPIR is the abbreviated form of the Food Distribution Program on Indian Reservations. It is mainly an alternative to the Food Stamp program for the tribal Indian reservations.

The Apply process of this program is similar to the facts of SNAP. This program is funded by about a hundred tribal organizations and five state-operated agencies. 

About 276 tribes in the Indians Reservation of the United States are receiving this benefit. The people count of this benefit program is around 90 thousand individuals, as of 2015.

This assistance program delivers food packages, including all the necessary items. They include- fruits, veggies, dry/canned meats, cheese, low-fat milk, cereals, cheese, peanut butter, flour, juices, macaroni, butter, etc.

Other Qualifying Programs: However, there are other qualifying programs that are based on the residents of certain tribal lands and groups of people. You can qualify for a few providers if you have received a Pell grant award in the current award year.

For instance, the Bureau of Indian affairs, Food Assistance & General Bureau, Veterans Pension or Survival Benefit Program is known as VPSB, Tribal Assistance For the Needy, LIHEAP or Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program, Head Start, etc.

What Is The Methodology Of Getting The Best Free Government Phones?

Several providers now offer free government cell phones, and you can straightforwardly get access to it. The procedure of getting free government cell phones can be accomplished in two ways. 

Before you step in, you need to check out the qualifying requirements mentioned above. Let’s explain the application process or the way you can get these free phones.

Step 1: Before you get into the free cell phones under the government, you need to check your eligibility through the set conditions. You can qualify with your yearly household income profile based on the total members your household has. Besides, you can use the aforementioned Federal government programs to be approved for cellular programs.

Step 2: After that, you need to pick a wireless provider offering these free cellular services under the FCC. We will mention top providers that you can choose to step forward with your free government phone under the federal lifeline program. Before confirming, you should check the availability of the phones and the provider’s reliability.

Step 3: When you have selected the preferable provider and met all the Qualifying conditions, it’s time to proceed with the application. They will give you an application form, and you need to fill it up with the necessary data. Tick mark with their terms & conditions and carefully submit the application form.

Step 4: After you’ve submitted the application form, you should anticipate a few workdays. They will check your documents & other info and send you a confirmation mail at your email ID. Here, you can get assured that you are approved for the free Lifeline program under the selected provider.

Top 21 Provider Best free government phone 2023

Seniors eligible for Federal Assistance can take advantage of numerous cell phone providers offering government phones. Most of these providers offer free cellular services to those who qualify, including a complimentary cell phone!

In addition, we have highlighted the most reliable cell phone service providers who provide free government cell phones for seniors administered by USAC and FCC. Let’s discuss them in detail below!

1. Assurance Wireless Free Government Phone With Smart Deals

Assurance wireless

Assurance Wireless is a Lifeline Assistance program supported by the federal Universal Service Fund. This free government phone service is designed to provide cell phones for seniors who are struggling financially and cannot afford to buy one on their own. Qualifying citizens will receive an Assurance Wireless Smartphone with unlimited talk, text and data plans that last up to one year, free of charge!

After the initial period is over, a senior can renew their eligibility by re-applying for the program and receive another free phone. Assurance Wireless has been providing cell phones to seniors since 2005 and is currently available in 38 states plus Washington D.C.


  • No Activation Fees
  • Unlimited Talk, Text, and Data Plans
  • Free Smartphone Upgrades Every Year
  • Renewable every year.
  • Access to free educational resources.
  • Discounts on medical alert systems & more. 
  • Online account portal to manage your cell phone service.

Moreover, you can get more great services with great perks if you live in California. Assurance Wireless also has an International overseas calling service that covers up to 200 locations and landline calls to 70+ locations. Assurance Wireless is now growing more since they are now going to be a service under the wings of T-Mobile. 

2. SafeLink Wireless Free Lifeline Assistance Phone

Safelink Wireless

SafeLink Wireless is a Lifeline Assistance program that provides free government phones and free monthly talk, text, and data plans to qualifying senior citizens. To qualify for a SafeLink phone, seniors must meet the eligibility requirements of their state’s Lifeline Assistance program. After being approved, they will receive one of SafeLink’s best smartphones along with a free monthly plan.

The Lifeline Program of Safelink Wireless is supported by the Affordable Connectivity Program(ACP), which is also a Federal program for eligibles.

You can get a free government smartphone, free high-speed data, a hotspot, and other unlimited cellular perks without any purchases. Just enter your ZIP code, and you can easily apply or check your eligibility status.


  • Receive up to 25 GigaByte of high-speed 4G LTE data access
  • Offers up to 5 GigaByte of mobile hotspot access to all the eligibles
  • Instantly access vital emergency services, such as 911 and 411, for free.
  • Enjoy unrestricted voice minutes and messaging, including free international calling!
  • With this plan, you can add up to 1000 minutes of airtime with a longer expiration date – making it the perfect choice for those looking for value and convenience.
  • Get your hands on the latest and greatest smartphone models for free, courtesy of the government!

For California residents, they provide an exclusive and more beneficent plan. California residents benefit from additional financial support that other states cannot provide, allowing them to take advantage of extra perks. Upon subscription activation, elderly individuals are eligible for a year of free air time minutes!

Low-income participants and individuals who are at least 55 years of age can access the SafeLink Wireless complimentary cell phone service. Safelink Wireless or other Lifeline cellular plans provide up to twelve months of service, and must be renewed by recertification from the provider in order to remain valid.

3. Q Link Wireless Lifeline Phone

Q-Link Wireless

Qlink Wireless is devoted to helping those who have been adversely affected by the Covid 19 crisis and are struggling financially. This is one of the leading mobile service providers that offer government-funded cell phones at no cost for eligible low-income households.

As an official Federal Lifeline program service provider, QLink Wireless offers dependable packages that you can rely on. Through this complimentary cellular service, you can access the internet, send messages and make calls without any extra fees. Furthermore, you will receive a free government tablet or smartphone!


  • Get the strongest and most dependable 4G LTE or 5G network coverage across America with T-Mobile’s mesh technology.
  • Enjoy unrestricted access to data from all across the nation – at no cost whatsoever!
  • Get add-on or refillable top-up minutes, data, voice, or bundles for a 30 to 90 days period
  • They allow bringing Your Own Phone service, and the BYOP plan includes extra minutes and data
  • If you’re a Lifeline-eligible individual, you can receive a complimentary cell phone. Meanwhile, EBB subscribers have the opportunity to obtain an entirely free tablet device!

Unfortunately, QLink wireless does not offer any international calling or roaming services. Qlink Wireless EBB’s tablet offer isn’t free—but it’ll only cost you $10.01 to unlock your eligibility for the device! Once that amount is paid, you can take advantage of all their amazing features and services. With QLink, you don’t have to worry about paying for it during the signup process. You can pay your invoice amount at any time that is convenient for you.

4. Life Wireless Free Phone

Life Wireless

As a subsidy network of AT&T Mobile, Life Wireless is an MVNO that provides services for the Federal Lifeline Program. They have millions of contented users, covering almost 30 states, including the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico. They also participate in the Emergency Broadband Benefit Program of the US Federal Government.

The enrollment procedure of Life Wireless is also similar to other Lifeline providers. They also claim to operate under the most extensive GSM network coverage of the United States. You can bring your own phone to their services as well without any hassles. Services are available in Nevada, California, Georgia, Kansas, Vermont, Maryland, South Carolina, etc.


  • Get a free government smartphone from famous tech brands.
  • Provides up to 750 talk time minutes, with unlimited message access
  • All non-tribal lands can get 1 GigaByte data(1.5 GigaByte for the Tribal lands)
  • Offers cheap and convenient data & voice top-up plans for as low as 4 dollars per month
  • All plans, regardless of state, come with unrestricted messaging features

Life Wireless doesn’t offer international roaming or talk time features. However, you can use the minutes and messages in Canada and Mexico. Plans for California and Kansas include decent or unlimited MMS as well. 

Besides, these plans have more incredible data than the basic non-tribal for the rest of the states. If you want to discover more about Life Wireless, keep an eye on the FAQ section.

5. Verizon Wireless Free Government Phone

Verizon Wireless Free Government Phone

Verizon is dedicated to providing discounted services through the Lifeline program for qualified participants aged 60 and over, or those who are of low income. As one of the largest mobile service providers in America, this company boasts superior network coverage and wide-ranging 5G accessibility for all by 2023.

With more than 400 locations across the United States, Verizon is proud to offer its services through subsidiaries such as Go Wireless and Wireless Zone. Qualified Lifeline seniors and low-income households can take advantage of the government’s free cellular services, which come complete with a complimentary cell phone. Verizon services are undeniably dependable and reliable.


  • Enjoy up to 1000 minutes of calling each month!
  • Enjoy unlimited local calling minutes with our network!
  • Enjoy domestic long-distance airtime minutes at no extra cost!
  • For each minute of conversation, you can enjoy the affordable rate of just 45 cents.
  • We guarantee you superior home phone and FiOS Home Internet services for your ultimate satisfaction.
  • Offers exclusive discounts to members of Tribal communities, bringing them greater savings and access.
  • Qualified customers can enjoy wireless savings of up to 10 dollars a month when they sign up!

Verizon offers its fastest internet service FiOS, which is powered by Fiber optical cables, with a special Lifeline discount program. To determine if you are eligible to receive free cell phone service from Verizon Wireless, simply check through the Lifeline website where the same requirements have been set. If you decide to go with the Lifeline plan, you’ll have to pay around $20-$25 for their services.

6. Safetynet Wireless Free Government Phone

Safetynet Wireless Free Government Phone

SafetyNet Wireless is another new service provider of the Federal Lifeline Assistance program. They offer free cellular plans to more than nine states across the United States.

For all the coverage states, they offer multiple plans to choose from. But except for a few plans of California, all plans of other states require a 30 dollars prepayment or a 25 dollars activation fee.


  • All coverage states can enjoy the benefits of up to 500 minutes of talk time, 3 Gigabytes of data usage and unlimited texting with this plan.
  • California residents have the advantage of unlimited talk, text and a generous data allowance of 3 Gigabytes with this plan.
  • With the California upgraded device plan, you can enjoy unrestricted text and talk for only $1/month as well as 3.5 Gigabytes of data!
  • Tribal residents of Oklahoma can enjoy unlimited talk, texts and 4.5 Gigabyte of data per month; whereas non-tribal citizens may use 350 minutes & 3 GB of data for the same period.
  • Oklahoma’s cutting-edge tribal plan offers unbeatable value, with unlimited talk and text for just $5 per month, plus a generous 5 GB of data. Get connected without breaking the bank!

With SafetyNet Wireless, you’ll get access to the best possible coverage in your state. Unfortunately, they don’t offer any roaming or international calling options – so make sure to check out their wide variety of plans before committing! Our coverage includes Wisconsin, Oklahoma, Colorado, Pennsylvania, California, Michigan, Georgia and Kentucky, etc. Since SafetyNet Wireless free government phones are not available in all states, get acquainted with all the facts before stepping forward.

7. American Assistance: Top Lifeline Free Phone Providers

American Assistance

American Wireless is commonly referred to as American Assistance, providing outstanding broadband and telecommunications services across the United States. Lifeline is a renowned cell service provider in the United States, offering services to over 15 states across the country. Enjoy the liberty to stay connected to your loved ones without any restrictions, with a free government smartphone that comes equipped with unlimited data, minutes, and texting!

By opting for American Wireless’ Lifeline service, you won’t be tied up with contracts and can enjoy their services without any extra fees. No need to worry about activation or service costs. The residents of California, they are privileged to have a unique and exclusive service that is more generous than services available to those living outside of California. The Federal Communications Commission has officially certified this service, so you can trust in its reliability.


  • Unlock up to 500 complimentary minutes each month, and if you’re based in California – enjoy unlimited minutes!
  • Get immediate access to a smartphone, free of charge for those in California, and only pay a one-time activation fee of $25!
  • Enjoy up to 4 GB of blazing-fast LTE data completely free, with 3 GB available in all states and an extra gigabyte for California residents.
  • For as little as one to five dollars per month, you can enjoy top-up benefits that are sure to make your life easier.
  • You can now add up to 1000 minutes of airtime with a longer validity period than ever before!
  • With no state borders to cross, you can get unlimited text messages nationwide without restriction.

If you’re looking for an international calling top-up plan, American Wireless will sadly not be able to fulfill your needs. Discover the 15 states that are included in our coverage: Rhode Island, Michigan, Illinois, Colorado, Ohio, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Indiana , Maryland , Kentucky. Missouri , West Virginia , Minnesota and California . Our offer emphasizes these areas where you can benefit from our services.

8. Standup Wireless

Standup Wireless

Proudly recognized as an EBB and Lifeline provider in the US, Standup Wireless offers services to more than 30 states. Standup Wireless is proud to offer discounted wireless services for non-tribal households who qualify! Along with reduced rates, customers can also benefit from complimentary minutes, messages and eligibility data.

Prior to signing up with StandUp Wireless, be certain that your device is compatible with their network services. Inhabitants of the approved tribal lands can get free tablets with other accessible perks(data, minutes, and messages). 


  • Offers free government cell phones for low-income individuals and seniors from well-known brands
  • Get up to 10 Gigabytes of high-speed 4G LTE data and Unlimited Low-Speed Data after limit finishing.
  • Includes long-distance calling with the nationwide fastest 5G coverage
  • Their Bring Your Own Phone(BYOP) plan has 1000 minutes with unlimited messages and 3 Gigabyte data
  • They come with internet, messages, and voice top-up plans for as low as 5 dollars

StandUp Wireless provides a complimentary GSM SIM card, along with other incredible benefits. Furthermore, Lifeline users of other providers can take advantage of the Bring Your Own Phone options offered by them. GSM is the only network standard that these devices are compatible with, making them incompatible with all other protocols. If you want to know more about Standup Wireless, check out our FAQ section for the answers!

9. Tag Mobile

Tag Mobile

Tag Mobile is an esteemed mobile service provider that offers Lifeline services to seniors and those living below the poverty line in nineteen states across America. Not limited to operating under the networks of T-Mobile, Verizon, and Sprint, they are a Lifeline cellular service provider that is particularly beneficial for California residents with their specially tailored plan.

Their free Lifeline service includes global talk, data, minutes, messages, and a free government cell phone for the eligible participants. With Tag Mobile, you can now stream and browse more since they offer up to 8 Gigabytes of high-speed data every month. Check your enrollment or the re-certification status to learn if you’re eligible. 


  • They provide up to 8GB of 4G LTE data per eligible individual, facilitating a fast and convenient connection.
  • For the opening quarter, users receive 500 Megabytes at no cost!
  • Other state members are entitled to receive 1000 talk-time minutes and unrestricted data.
  • Bring Your Own Phone plans allow keeping the existing phone number 
  • You may get a free cell phone for seniors if you’re in the eligible state
  • Maximize your mobile plan with a top-up package that can give you minutes, texts or data for as little as $5 to $10 per month.

With their official online platform, you can expeditiously process the application checking form. Tag Mobile Lifeline is available in Arizona, Indiana, Colorado, Arkansas, Nebraska , Oklahoma , Pennsylvania , Texas , Lowa , Kansas Nevada Rhode Island Washington Wisconsin West Virginia Louisiana Minnesota Maine Maryland and many more! Get the coverage you need with this Lifeline program.

10. Assist Wireless

Assist Wireless

Assist Wireless offers free services to limited states, but they have fantastic offers for tribal lands like Oklahoma. They have a limited or minimal coverage area that offers services in less than five states. They are now planning to move with T-Mobile for improved network coverage and quality service. 

They have a simplistic, user-friendly interface, and seniors can qualify and pick their services with confidence. The cell phone plans range from 0 to 5 dollars for the states mentioned above. Assist Wireless offers the most competitive refill packages, with their highest plan still under 30 dollars!


  • Enjoy unrestricted, free minutes and texts around the country!
  • The ACP program provides a 5.5 inch, no-cost government phone to those in need of assistance!
  • Get the maximum value for your money with our low-cost monthly top-up plans starting at just $4!
  • Not only are there plans available, but we also offer BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) options too!
  • Get all the data, minutes & messages you need in one low-cost combo refill plan – just $25 a month! You’ll get 1000 minutes and messages plus 1GB of data to use each month.
  • For a nominal amount, they offer 4.5 and 5 GB of data with their no-cost plan – giving you exceptional value for your money.

Applying for membership is straightforward and their interface is intuitive, making it a breeze to use. Determine your eligibility by verifying your enrollment or recertification status. Unfortunately, Assist Wireless Lifeline program does not offer international calling plans.

11. Terracom Wireless

Terracom Wireless

If you want to find a free government cell phone, you can check out TerraCom Wireless with confidence. If you are already getting a free government assistance program, you can also qualify for the free wireless service of TerraCom Wireless.

TerraCom Wireless also has a comprehensive section about prepaid plans for general consumers who don’t qualify for Lifeline aid. Before you proceed to enroll in the Lifeline service of TerraCom Wireless, you should contact customer service.


  • Offer 1000 minutes, and texts under the non-tribal plan for Washington and Oklahoma.
  • The basic non-tribal plan included 500 minutes, unlimited messages, and 3 GigaByte of 4G LTE data.
  • Get up to 2000 minutes, unrestricted text, and 3 GB of data under the Tribal Voice Plan 2000
  • Tribal Broadband Plan includes up to 2000 minutes, unlimited messages, and 3 GigaByte of data.
  • For Kansas, Nebraska, they have Kansas Voice Plan 1840 (1840 minutes, unlimited text), and Nebraska Base Plan 1350 (1350 minutes, unlimited text)
  • With their BYOP or Phone Upgrade plan, you can easily bring your existing cell phone.
  • For all other states, they have Voice Plan 1000(free 1000 minutes, unlimited text), and Base Plan 500 + 3GB(free 500 minutes, unlimited text, 3GB of data)

If you are a resident of Oklahoma, you need to contact or chat with them online and provide them with your ZIP code. They will notify you of their Lifeline Broadband availability in your local area. The voice and data top-up plans are cheap and reliable. 

12. Access Wireless

Access Wireless

Are you a senior citizen of the society aged more than 55? If you find applying for a free senior cell phone tricky, then you can make a move to Access Wireless Lifeline. Access Wireless has one of the most simplistic and straightforward application procedures for the Lifeline program for seniors. 

The eligibility requirements are also somewhat identical to other wireless service providers. Access Wireless is now one of the big names in the free government cell phone providers of the United States. They provide free lifeline phone service in more than 35 states throughout the nation. 


  • You can get unlimited minutes, messages, and up to 15 GigaBytes of high-speed 4G LTE data.
  • Offers government cell phones for needy from well-known brands free of cost
  • They have refill cards for top-ups with costs ranging from 10 to 35 dollars.
  • It comes with long-distance calling throughout the United States
  • You can also get access to international calling
  • They ensure reliable and broad coverage across the coverage areas.

The services of Access Wireless will become more comprehensive and reliable once they merge with the T-Mobile network. You can apply to their lifeline services through their official website. Access wireless doesn’t have any international benefit plans.

13. Cintex Wireless

Cintex Wireless

If you live in the northern part of the United States and are looking for a cellular provider to get a free government cell phone, Cintex Wireless can be a great choice. They require no monthly fees nor any hassling contracts for signing up. They, and you can save up to 750 dollars in a year.

The Application Process for the Cintex Wireless Lifeline or Emergency Broadband Benefit Program is straightforward, and you can accomplish it within 5 minutes. After submitting your qualification requirements, they will verify and send an approval SMS through your email within twenty to thirty minutes.


  • You can get a free 5G or 4G smartphone from well-known manufacturers
  • The residents of coverage states can get 1000 minutes, unlimited text messages, and 1 GigaByte of data free of charge.
  • Offers EBB benefits along with the Lifeline perks
  • Allows bringing your own phone to Cintex Wireless network
  • Qualifications and Application procedures are pretty straightforward
  • Top-up plans for minutes & text or data are available and cost from 5 to 10 dollars per month

Cintex Wireless comes with a small and limited coverage area for the government cellular programs. The coverage states of Cintex Wireless are- Maine, Rhode Island, Maryland, Arkansas, and West Virginia. They approve applications within 3 to 4 business days and ship devices free at your door within a week.

14. enTouch Wireless

enTouch Wireless

As a flagship Federal Lifeline member, enTouch Wireless provides cost-free cellular solutions to qualifying elderly Americans and those with lower incomes. Boomerang Wireless previously managed the network, but now Verizon Wireless has taken over and is providing superior coverage for users.

Through the Lifeline service, enTouch wireless and other providers are offering cost-free phones to those in need. With the broadest coverage across all of America, Verizon Wireless stands out as one of the greatest telecom service providers in United States.


  • Enjoy seamless and secure 4G LTE data access in over 34 states across the US!
  • Receive unlimited access to data for a limited time period – don’t miss out!
  • For eligible participants, this offer presents limitless access to talking and texting services.
  • Inhabitants of California can enjoy up to 4 GB of data per month, while everyone else is eligible for 1.5 GB each month!
  • Seniors and older adults now have the opportunity to obtain a complimentary cell phone courtesy of the government. Take advantage of this generous offer today

Consequently, enTouch Wireless is proud to offer superior 4G LTE coverage for Lifeline eligible individuals. Every household that has an eligible individual can get a free cell phone from the federal government, at no expense to them. Seniors can take advantage of a wide array of cellular plans that come with free cell phones!To gain further insight, browse the FAQ section of enTouch Wireless.

15. True Wireless

True Wireless

True Wireless is a Lifeline cellular service provider with a coverage area spread in five states. For financially disabled individuals and senior citizens, they provide free cellular services. They provide free cellular services in Maryland, Texas, Rhode Island, Oklahoma, and Arkansas. 

Ture Wireless provides specified and dedicated services in each coverage state, and their plans are also different for each state. Most of their plans come with an average of thousands of minutes, which is great for the seniors or the younger ones who want to stay connected to their loved ones.


  • The residents of Arkansas can get 1000 minutes, 1000 text messages, and 3 GB of data free of cost.
  • You can get 2000 text messages, 1750 talking minutes, and 3 GB LTE data complimentary if you live in Oklahoma.
  • The residents of Maryland can get 1000 minutes, 1000 text messages, and 3 GB of data free of charge.
  • Rhode Island residents can also get free 1000 voice minutes, 1000 text messages, and 3 GigaByte of data.
  • For the other coverage states, they offer similarly thousand minutes, text, and 3 GigaByte data.
  • With their BYOP plan, you can upgrade your phone with their network.

True Wireless has an easy qualifying and enrollment procedure which you can accomplish within a couple of days. Since this is a Federal Lifeline participant, you can qualify just by being eligible for the Federal income or program-based guidelines. Contact with their website or send documentation via their email address. 

16. Easy Wireless

Easy Wireless

Easy Wireless offers the most comprehensive coverage of all available providers for Lifeline, a government-supported assistance program that is free to qualifying members. If you’re a resident of one of the Native American tribal lands like Oklahoma, Easy Wireless has some incredible offers just for you. Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to get high-quality coverage and amazing deals! In Oklahoma, Missouri and Kentucky, they offer complimentary cellular plans.

Depending on where you live, Easy Wireless has a variety of plans and offers tailored to meet your needs. Thus, we strongly advise that you confirm your state is included in the coverage of a certain state prior to taking further action. If you have any existing device, you can also activate your phone to their network.


  • For individuals living in coverage States, they provide up to 750 minutes and 25 Megabyte data each month.
  • Oklahoma’s tribal lands now have access to unlimited minutes and talk time with up to a whopping 2 GigaBytes of data!
  • For a low monthly cost of only fifteen dollars, you can receive unlimited benefits and access to five gigabytes of data!
  • For the remaining states, they provide customers with unlimited texts, minimal talktime minutes, and reduced data usage.
  • Get top of the line cell phones from renowned brands, all at no cost!
  • Easy Wireless gives you a complimentary GSM SIM card and other bonuses with your purchase.

Apart from California residents, all plans require a $25 activation fee. Unfortunately, no international calling options or associated benefits are available with any of their service plans.

17. Copper Valley Wireless

Copper Valley Wireless

Copper Valley Telecom is a dedicated cellular service provider based in Alaska. Copper Valley Telecom has free cellular services under the Emergency Broadband Benefit Program and the Federal Lifeline plan. They have prepaid plans and services for the participants who don’t qualify for Lifeline or EBB living in Alaska.

You can easily enroll for their LifelineProgram and the EBB Program(wireless service)free of cost.

This service is launched for Alaskan citizens who are struggling to manage broadband or communication because of their low-income profile. Therefore, if you qualify with the required set of conditions, you can get free cellular services, including a free government phone.


  • Get a standard cell phone from the federal government free of cost
  • Includes unlimited domestic talk time with up to 450 countrywide voice minutes
  • Get Voice and data wireless services through the Ala Carte voice and data plan
  • Delivers unlimited texting for local areas with unlimited roaming in Alaska
  • Charges just 15 cents per Canada and Mexico long-distance roaming minutes

Unlike other Lifeline programs from other carriers that offer free cellular service, CVT offers the same standard service for just 1 dollar per month. The Voice & Landline Voice Only plans cost 1 dollar/month. And their data only wireless, DSL(Broadband), and Voice Wireless service costs about 34.25 dollars/month.

18. Tempo Communications

Tempo Communications

Tempo Communications or the Tempo Tempo Lifeline service is a free cellular service provider which has coverage in more than 20 states around the United States. They offer cellular services without any contract, and the service qualifications also require no activation fees. 

With Tempo Communications’ free Wireless service, you can get great free government smartphones. You can also purchase cheap smartphones from them if you are ineligible for their Lifeline aid program. With the Tempo Lifeline plan, you don’t have to overpay any hidden fees. 


  • All qualified state members can get unrestricted talk time, minutes, and messages.
  • With more than one year of calling days, their plans offer pay-as-you-go privileges for up to 90 days for all states.
  • For South Carolina, they offer free 3 Gigabyte of data and 300 voice minutes.
  • All monthly plans come with a 30-day usage and carryover benefits
  • They offer top-up advantages that rollover to the next billing period

Tempo Wireless Lifeline plans are valid for an entire year, yet to continue receiving the service you must recertify from your provider. Their free Lifeline plan is available in Wyoming, Kentucky, Georgia, Utah, Lowa, Maryland, Kansas, North Dakota, Indiana, Wisconsin, Ohio, West Virginia, Missouri, Nebraska, Hawaii, Minnesota, Nevada, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Colorado, Michigan, etc.

19. FeelSafe Wireless Lifeline Assistance Phone

FeelSafe Wireless

FeelSafe Wireless is a participant of the Federal Lifeline program, which is operated by AirVoice Wireless. Each coverage state has a versatile range of plans and other cellular benefits. If you are a cash-strapped American and genuinely looking for a well-sorted and hassle-free cellular service, then FeelSafe Wireless is the safest spot for you. 

The top-up and refill plans for minutes and data start from 5 to 50 dollars based on the benefits. All plans have an average charge of 10 cents for each message, minute, and Megabyte of data. Visit the official site of feel safe, and you can find out the specified plans and offers based on your state ZIP code. They also provide free government phones with other cellular perks free of charge!


  • Plans for California include unlimited talk time, unlimited messages, international SMS, and 3 to 5 Gigabytes of data.
  • For Oklahoma, they include unlimited talk time and messages with up to 5 Gigabytes of data.
  • For other States, they offer 1000 voice minutes, 500 messages, and up to 3 Gigabytes of data.
  • Offers top-up and refillable plans for users of all states after perk limitation ends
  • They also provide a free government smartphone for the eligible states.

You must renew the service by recertification from the provider after one year. The coverage states are Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, Mississippi, Kentucky, California, Oklahoma, and South Carolina. The services and coverages of FeelSafe Wireless are reliable, and they have excellent US-based customer service.

20. TruConnect Free Government Phone

TruConnect Free Government Phone

If you are in search of a provider to get a free government phone with all the cellular benefits under the Federal Lifeline service, you can trust on TruConnect. They provide the federal Lifeline program and the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP). 

Qualified participants for these programs can get free wireless Internet service with other perks & a device from TruConnect Wireless. Some of the coverage states of TruConnect Wireless are- Arizona, Indiana, Colorado, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Lowa, Kansas, Nevada, Wisconsin, West Virginia, Louisiana, Minnesota, Maryland, etc.


  • Get a free 5 inches 4G LTE smartphone device from the Federal government
  • They provide up to 14 Gigabytes of high-speed data access for the eligibles
  • Allows access to free international calling in the selected locations
  • Receive unrestricted free domestic talk time minutes, and messages 
  • You can use a free mobile hotspot through the limited data access

You can now qualify for the free lifeline services of TruConnect Wireless through the Federal programs and your yearly income levels. They have a helpful application designed for mobile phones which provides easy account management on the go. To comprehend more about their terms & facts, contact them through the website.

21. Infiniti Mobile

infiniti mobile

Infiniti Mobile has more minimal coverage for the free Lifeline government assistance program. If you’re from a Native American tribe in Oklahoma, Infiniti Mobile is the place to go for special offers. They provide free cellular plans in Oklahoma, Maryland, Nevada, Georgia, Vermont, and Wisconsin. 

Plans and offers of Infiniti Mobile differ from state to state. That’s why we recommend you check if your state has the coverage of a particular state or not before proceeding. If you have any existing phones, you can also activate your device to their network.


  • Wherever you are, receive up to 500 minutes of talk time, 3 Gigabyte of data and unlimited texts with our coverage.
  • Californians have the privilege of enjoying unlimited talk time, texts, and a generous 3 Gigabyte data allowance with their plan.
  • For just a dollar per month, California’s upgraded device plan offers unlimited texting and calling along with an impressive 3.5 Gigabytes of data – all at an unbeatable price!
  • Oklahoma Tribal residents are given a generous offering of unlimited talk time and texts, along with an incredible 4.5 Gigabyte data allowance – far exceeding the 350 minutes & 3 GB available to non-tribal users!
  • Oklahoma’s enhanced tribal plan allows you to stay connected with unlimited text and talk, coupled with 5GB of data for only $5 per month.

Qualifying or eligibility requirements of Infiniti Mobile are pretty simplistic. Every family with an eligible individual is invited to join in on a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity: acquiring a cellular phone from the federal government at no cost. They have a wide section of cellular plans with free cell phones for seniors. To comprehend more, check out the FAQ section of Infiniti Mobile.

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Best Free Government Cell Phones By States

As you know, all states of the USA are not covered by any specific wireless provider. Each wireless provider covers a selected location around the country. We will briefly discuss the providers for free government phones based on several states.

Free government cell phone North Carolina 

For North Carolina, Assurance Wireless, SafeLink Wireless, and Access Wireless provide free government cell phone service. If you are looking for a Lifeline assistance provider in North Carolina, you can check US Cellular and T-Mobile. Tag Mobile and Terracom Wireless are also aiming to provide services in North Carolina.

Lifeline cell phone Oklahoma

Oklahoma is considered as a tribal land in the United States which has been developing for 80 years. For free cell phones in Oklahoma, a wide range of carriers are covering Lifeline services. 

They are- True Wireless, StandUp Wireless, QLink Wireless, Sprocket Wireless, Terracom Wireless, TruConnect Wireless, Infiniti Mobile, Life Wireless, FeelSafe Wireless, enTouch Wireless, Easy Wireless, and Assist Wireless. If you don’t qualify for free Lifeline, you can check Epic Wireless and US Cellular for discounted cellular services. 

Free government cell phone Maryland

A vast number of cellular companies and Lifeline service providers are functioning inside the state of Maryland. If you are looking for a discounted Lifeline assistance provider in North Carolina, you can check US Cellular and T-Mobile instead.

The Lifeline service providers in Maryland are- Tempo Wireless, Access Wireless, Terracom Wireless, American Assistance, TruConnect Wireless, Assist Wireless, True Wireless, Assurance Wireless, Tag Mobile, Cintex Wireless, QLink Wireless, enTouch Wireless, Life Wireless, StandUp Wireless, SafeLink Wireless, Conexion Wireless, etc.

Free government cell phone in Louisiana

Louisiana is one of the most disastrous states in the US, with an unhealed disaster of Hurricane Katrina. For discounted or affordable cellular services in Louisiana, you can shift to AT&T Mobility or T-Mobile. Louisiana comes with great luck since all three major Lifeline providers are in service inside this state.

The Lifeline service providers in Louisiana are- NewPhone Wireless, Access Wireless, Terracom Wireless, TruConnect Wireless, Access Wireless, Assurance Wireless, Tag Mobile, Cintex Wireless, QLink Wireless, enTouch Wireless, Life Wireless, StandUp Wireless, SafeLink Wireless, Conexion Wireless, etc.

Lifeline cell phone in Kansas

Kansas is blessed with the paddy or Amber Waves of grain. But they are also running in a financial cutback like a few states of the USA. Therefore, free cellular services are a must for the inhabitants of Kansas as well. 

For discounted or affordable cellular services in Kansas, you can switch to AT&T Mobility, US Cellular, Epic PCS, Viaero Wireless, and T-Mobile. The state of Kansas doesn’t have a large number of free Lifeline service providers. However, the state has some of the major Lifeline service providers functioning inside. 

They are- QLink Wireless, SafeLink Wireless, and Assurance Wireless. Except for these major ones, it has small providers like StandUp Wireless, Tempo Communications, Access Wireless, TruConnect, and Life Wireless. 

Free government Phone in Arizona

Despite having the blessing of natural beauty, the state of Arizona is one of the largest in terms of the poverty level, according to the Census Bureau. They have a total of 14 percent of residents living below the FPL(Federal Poverty Line). Total Call Mobile is the only provider of discounted cellular services. 

However, it has some major carriers like  QLink Wireless, SafeLink Wireless, and Assurance Wireless. Except for these big ones, it has decent providers like StandUp Wireless, Tempo Communications, Tag Mobile, Access Wireless, TruConnect, Life Wireless, and Terracom Wireless.

Lifeline assistance free phone in Alaska

Alaska is one of the leading states in the US, which has an expensive living cost. Since it has an expensive living rate, almost 25 percent of the income goes to everyday living. Therefore, the poverty level of Alaska is somewhat misleading than the statistics. 

If you are looking for a discounted Lifeline assistance provider in Alaska, you can check AT&T Mobility and Cordova Wireless Communications instead. The Lifeline service providers in Alaska are- Alaska DigiTel, Arctic Slope Telephone Association Cooperative, Copper Valley Wireless, etc.

What Should You Do When You Are Not Qualifying For The Best Free Government Cell Phones?

If you don’t qualify for the federal launched Lifeline assistance program, here are some ways outs you can put into work. Let’s give a glimpse of the alternative ways to get free government phones!

Reduce Your Monthly Bill

Some providers offer cellular services with additional perks like TV streaming or dish access. These extra privileges can increase your monthly communications or broadband bills. Cut off the services you don’t need, which will save you bulk in the longer run. 

Increase Savings

If you can’t afford cellular service, saving can be an excellent option for you. You can cut off some extra expenses in groceries or luxury items from your everyday earning. You can save about hundreds of dollars after a month and try to pick an affordable plan with that savings. 

Switch to Buy Now Pay Later Plans

Buy now pay later plans are designed for users who don’t want costly broadband services. The primary strategy of this plan is to pay exactly what you are using. Therefore, you can lessen the monthly internet bills by reducing the usage without any legit reasons. 

Find out discounted phone plans

During seasonal or occasional periods, cellular providers come with discounted cell phone plans with great perks for users of all categories. Check out the official sites about the offers & deals, and grab the one that comes forth based on your needs and preferences. 

FAQ About Free Government Cell Phones

What are the supplementary benefits of free cellular services?

Free cellular services under the Lifeline program offer incredible value. You can get access to emergency numbers, affordable household broadband, and risk-free, reliable coverage.

Which providers are the major ones in terms of Federal Lifeline service?

Amongst several Lifeline providers, QLink Wireless, SafeLink Wireless, and Assurance Wireless are the major ones with millions of contented consumers.

What type of free government phones are offered in the Lifeline program?

The Lifeline services of the Federal government primarily provide basic or traditional flip phones. However, carriers like QLink Wireless, Verizon Wireless, Cintex Wireless provide 4G LTE smartphones for eligible subscribers.

What are the leading free cell phones for seniors? 

We always recommend flip phones and basic phones for the seniors since these phones have all the senior-friendly features. The Alcatel Go Flip and Jitterbug Flip phones can be one of the best picks. 

Final Options

Now you know you can easily get access to free government phones if you are a qualified low-income individual or a senior citizen under the Social Security program. 

These are the best free government phone providers, and all have state-based services with dedicated plans & perks. Before making the final action, have a glimpse of these providers and pick one that goes with your budget & requirements. 

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