The 7 Best Life Insurance For Seniors No Medical Exam 2023

Many people who wish to choose life insurance think buying life insurance is a waste of time for the incident of withstanding medical exams. Though it is required for the underwriters to get to know about your risk level. Nonetheless, several insurance providers have life insurance for seniors no medical exam required, which you may find worthwhile.

A medical exam is a hassle for individuals whose health conditions can confine them to getting approved by the policy. But many insurance policies do not require this medical exam. They may ask you, or you have to fulfill some queries in the form to get approved by the policy.

We went through many no medical exam insurance policies, and now we will lead you to a quick informative review of the life insurance for seniors no medical exam in 2023.

What Does No Exam Life Insurance Means?

The intricacies of life insurance are not for the faint of heart, as one must navigate a labyrinthine terrain of medical examinations, questionnaires, and an array of physical tests. This elaborate process is intended to glean a comprehensive understanding of an individual’s mortality prospects during the policy period, which can range from a fleeting year to a lifetime of coverage.

The insurance behemoths that administer these policies leave no stone unturned, employing cutting-edge technologies to excavate the minutiae of one’s medical statistics, all of which must be gleaned from an applicant’s very being. Innumerable elongated questionnaires must be filled out, physical exams are mandatory, and the applicant must submit copious amounts of urine, saliva, and blood, all of which are scrutinized with a meticulous eye by the Society of Actuaries.

This labyrinthine journey can stretch out for weeks on end, leaving the applicant in a perilous state of uninsured limbo. However, there exists a sanctuary of sorts for those who seek to circumvent this arduous path: no exam life insurance.

This revolutionary alternative offers a significantly accelerated path to coverage, as it does away with the need for medical exams altogether, allowing the applicant to sail through the eligibility process with nary a hitch.

7 Best Life Insurance For Seniors No Medical Exam 2023

Following, we have done thorough research and included the seven best life insurance for seniors no medical exams. These platforms are rated highly for their best customer service and overall quality servicing, including ensuring policies & terms. Head downward to comprehend in detail these best life insurance for seniors.

1. Haven Life

Haven Life - Life Insurance For Seniors No Medical Exam

Haven life’s haven simple is a life-term policy that gives life insurance policy to people without any medical exam. They are in the insurance service for 160 years, and they are owned by MassMutual. Haven Life comes with a quote tool that will allow you to check your insurance price.

People between 20 to 55 years old at eligible for this policy. But haven life service Haven Simple is not available in all areas. It is not available in California, Delaware, North and South Dakota, or New York. It offers coverage of 25000 dollars to 500000 dollars in the available time around 5 to 20 years.


  • It is avails online process and online quotes for medical insurance
  • It gives high coverage money ranging from 25 thousand to 500 thousand dollars
  • You can get approved for the medical insurance quickly
  • Provides coverage for all kinds of people ranging from age 20 to 55 years
  • Instantly approves for medical insurances without any medical exams for the seniors’

Haven life also has a term policy known as Haven Term that also can be registered online but some of the members have to undergo some medical tests. It only has three riders attainable called Haven Life Plus, Accelerated Death Benefit, and Waiver of Premium.

2. AIG

AIG - Life Insurance For Seniors No Medical Exam

AIG is one of the leading life insurers in the world that have earned an A rating from the AM best. This company offers many different policies, but those that don’t require any medical exam are known as Guaranteed Issue Whole Life insurance policies.

You can complete the application process online, but it is best to consult an agent in order to apply for it. Individuals aging 50 to 80 years old can apply for this lifeline insurance policy, but the best part is you will definitely be accepted. It has a lot of riders so you can choose different riders.


  • They come with more than 18 flexible term limits with considerable lengths.
  • Provides term policies with living benefits for individuals aged 80, including retirement protections
  • It comes with a maximum of 35 years term length for whole life insurance
  • You can raise their instant issue options for up to age limits of 85
  • The maximum age range for the insurance services is between 70 to 100
  • Get a cash value coverage worth up to 25 thousand dollars(available for ages up to 85)
  • It has many riders, and your medical approval acceptance is ensured
  • Offer coverage in different seams, and It avails a life insurance calculator.

This company adds living benefits riders to all of the policies for free. You can choose between 5000 dollars to 25000 dollars as your death benefit, but if you want more, you have to undergo medical tests. Mention one downside of AIG is its coverage amount which is less than some other insurance policies.

3. State Farm

State Farm

State Farm is a company that has been serving since 1922 and it received the top rate A++ from AM best. Applicants can have multi-line discounts by financing more than one policy.

For instance, you can have a reduction in your premium package if you have auto and life insurance both policies together with state farm.

The only policy in the State Farm that doesn’t require any medical exam is Instant Answer and it offers coverage of 50000 dollars. You are covered for a maximum of 10 years or until you are aged 50 years old. If you want longer coverage there is an option that you can convert the policy to permanent life insurance for seniors over 75 with no medical exam.


  • It avails of same day policy and includes multi-line discounts for the qualified participants’
  • Online quotes are also available for both term life and whole life insurance policies
  • It has one of the highest ratings with A++ by AM best for the stability of finance and quality performance in functionality
  • You can also shop for insurance and claim insurance files from the small business shops

Getting quotes online from this company is very easy and a time saver. You just have to answer some questionnaires. You can get your policy underwritten as fast as 15 minutes but getting an agent will make this procedure instantly. You have to apply online then give the quote to your agent and then they will call to finalize your application, as easy as a piece of cake.

4. Bestow


Bestow is a company that doesn’t require any kind of medical test in every policy. This policy application process is held online based on your way of life and your online medical history.

If you get approved you will get all of the documents on the same day. They provide insurance for all individuals ranging from 18 to 60 years of old.

In terms of the life insurance types, Bestow is well-known for the term life insurance which comes with almost 100% coverage. It is prominent life insurance for seniors no medical exams, they may ask you a few questions before providing an approval certificate. All insurance policies from Bestow ranges from 10 to 30 year terms with 5 years of increment.


  • You can apply online and get a quote very easily and every policy is approved without a medical exam.
  • Comes with affordable life insurance policies for just 10 dollars per month
  • Get coverage in their term life insurance ranging from 50K dollars to 1.5M dollars
  • It is trusted since policies are provided by an A+ rated carrier

Bestow sells policies that are issued by partner North America Company for Life and Health Insurance which will also process your policy. Coverage starts from 50000 to 1.5 million dollars in terms of 10,15, 20, 25, or 30 years. But the problem is there are no riders so you won’t be able to customize your policy as you want to when you need it.

5. Nationwide


Nationwide started as a small company for just auto insurance, but now this company sells a full range of insurance policies. It includes life term, whole life, universal, and Variable life insurance for seniors over 70 no medical exam as the coverage options.

The payment options are Whole Life 100 and 20-pay Whole Life. Whole Life 100 insurance service provides exact premiums until they stop when you turn the age of 100.

Nationwide’s term life insurance is a policy that you can have premiums of the same length as 10, 20, or 30-year terms, but you can convert this into a permanent life policy when this term ends.

This also avails riders that include an immediate death benefit which allows you to withdraw some of the death benefits if you are analyzed with any crowning disease.


  • You can also get assured cash values with incremental growth, including the death benefits.
  • J.D. Power’s 2021 customer satisfaction study for life insurance ranked second in the customer satisfaction chart.
  • It drew a lot fewer complaints to state regulators in comparison to the size of the company.
  • Cash value and its growth are deferred from taxes, so you don’t have to pay taxes for the extra benefits.

This company also has a whole life insurance policy named Nationwide’s whole life insurance over 80 no medical exam, which gives minimum coverage of 10000 dollars, and it also has two payment methods.

Get a wide section of insurance policies for pets, automobiles, houses, umbrellas, and other essential commodities of everyday life. Nationwide comes with a comprehensive available whole-life policy riders & alternatives.

You can have premium levels for the first 20 years of the policy term. Or, you can wait until you are 100 years old, but the riders include a life-term policy that would help you have coverage for your children.

If you die in an accidental death, your accidental death benefits will also increase. If you are uncertain about the services of Nationwide, you can talk to a specialist to get a real-life solution.



USAA stands for United Services for Automobile Association which has been serving people with quality insurance policies since 1922. They mainly provide insurance services on Vehicles, Property, Health, business, and pets.

Now you may think that it only works for automobiles but there is also a life insurance policy operated through the USAA life insurance company of New York.

USAA comes with only a single life insurance policy and it applies only as whole life insurance. They don’t have any term insurance policy for a limited or restricted period.

Just apply for their life insurance and quickly get a quote for making instant decisions. USAA comes with two special types of life insurance over 60 no medical exam policies, one is term life, and the other is permanent life.


  • Provides flexible coverages since updates to life policies changes
  • Ensures a specialized benefit for the militaries and related first responders
  • Works and Helps for your loved ones and provides guidance from a dedicated team during their time of need.
  • Committed to providing members with excellent service and has for more than 60 years.

USAA comes with global life insurance policies costing as low as just 12 dollars monthly. Getting started with USAA life insurance is pretty simple and you can enroll in three easy steps.

First of all, get an estimation of the needs by answering a few questions. Then, proceed to apply for the plans for meeting your goals. Lastly, purchase the insurance plans and start safeguarding your loved ones.

7. AARP Life Insurance

AARP Life Insurance

AARP is a non-profit organization for seniors aged over 50, and they are an interest-based company in the United States. For making the life of the older citizens of the US more effortless, they offer a set of comprehensive insurance alternatives. They have long-term, short-term care options, dental, and visionary insurance plans for eye-disabled individuals.

The AARP provides whole life insurance for seniors. They offer guaranteed acceptance for life insurance with policies for standard whole life benefits.

Signing up a process for AARP Whole life insurance is pretty simplistic, and they offer affordable coverages for just 15 to 20 dollars every month.


  • Minimum coverage for a standard whole life policy is 1500 dollars, and 1000 dollars for a guaranteed acceptance policy.
  • They offer insurance for individuals ranging from 50 to 80 for specific criteria for AARP members.
  • Maximum coverage for a standard whole-life policy is 50 thousand dollars(5000 dollars in Washington DC), and 25 thousand dollars for a guaranteed acceptance policy.
  • Get insurance coverage by paying an affordable amount as low as 11 dollars.

If you apply for AARP whole life insurance from the New York Insurance company, you can get coverages from 10 thousand to 100 thousand dollars.

AARP also has insurance benefits for healthcare, Medicare eligibility, pet animals, vehicle, life & property, etc. They offer insurance benefits for spouses with ages ranging from 45 to 80 and 50 to 75 for the residents living in New York.

How Does No-Exam Life Insurance Work?

The cheap life insurance for seniors no medical exam Marketing and Research Association (LIMRA) found that 70% of the people living in America require life insurance. Based on the insurer’s needs, you can apply for a no exam life insurance policy online at your home. Literally, it takes some minutes to complete and a few days to get approved by the policy.

Several insurance providers approve in only 24 hours. No exam life insurance for seniors policies has limited death benefits. Relying on the insurance company, you can find the term or permanent life policies with no exam. Usually, life insurance that doesn’t require a medical exam includes group, simplified issue, and guaranteed issue policy.

Group life insurance

Those who are employers or any kind of organization can offer group life insurance policies to their employees or members. When you start a new job, your boss can offer you this insurance. The employer’s group policies are identical to guaranteed issues, but organizations offer life term coverages and permanent life policies.

The death benefit is limited in group policy to a certain amount or based on your salary. For example, an employer can give you twice your yearly income, or an organization can limit your life term to 100000 dollars or a permanent of 50000 dollars.

Simplified Issue

In order to get approved for this type of coverage, you have to answer basic health questionnaires. If your answer matches the underwriting guidelines, you are apparently compatible.

Often simplified issue providers charge higher premium rates for this policy because of assuming the higher risk for the dying of the policyholder in the meantime. According to the society of actuaries, these issues are limited to non-smoking people. However, the approval rate is 70% to 90%.

Guaranteed Issue

The Guaranteed issue is one kind of permanent life term insurance with no medical exams. Most of the insurers offer this type of issue only to people aged 50-80, but age restrictions may differ by the carrier. Some organizations offer individuals under 50 years of this coverage.

The greatest benefit of this coverage is it makes cash value which can be used to provide last expenditures coverage. This coverage limits death benefits from 5000 dollars to 25000 dollars. If the insured dies in the term of the policy, then that individual will get the minimum benefits or the return of premium paid.

Average Cost Of No Exam Life Insurance Policies

Typically, the average cost of a no medical life insurance term depends on factors like insurance carrier, amount of death benefit, and participant’s age.

Since there are no medical exam insurance policies, they will be somewhat more expensive than traditional insurance policies. After all, the costs and expenses of insurance will depend on the terms and policies.

Suppose, you are switching to a no medical check insurance of a limited 20 years term, and the coverage benefit is about 500K dollars. In such cases, if you are a non-smoker adult aging more than 35, your monthly average charge may come around 21 to 60 dollars. Let’s see what is the average cost of our top choice, Haven Life Insurance Policy!

GenderAgeCosts For Premiums
Male3526 dollars
Male50100 dollars
Female3521 dollars
Female5066 dollars

How to Pick The Best Life Insurance For Seniors No Medical Exam

Best life insurance without medical exams may differ from user to users since everyone has different requirements and coverage demands. Therefore, you need to consider a few factors before determining which no exam medical insurance policy/provider is best for your elderly parents.

Insurance Policies

There are multiple insurance policies available within the criteria of no exam medical insurance. Broadly, it is divided into permanent or whole life insurance, and short or term-life insurance. Pick the best one which goes well with the requirements of the seniors of your household.


The coverage amount of the insurance policies is a key facet of life insurance for seniors with no medical exam. You need to determine the need for your coverage or protections by asking a couple of questions.

The coverage amount is the money that the insurance provider delivers as protection when you are in need. Typical life insurance provides 10K to 500K dollars as coverage.

Death Benefit

The death benefit of an insurance policy is the coverage that is provided after the death of the insurer itself to the family members or the loved ones.

It is a significant fact which you need to consider since the death benefits of all the insurance companies are not the same. Check out which one offers greater death benefits with less investment.

Riders: Don’t forget to check the riders and premiums of the insurance provider you are going to choose. Several providers come with limited rider benefits for the no medical exam participants or insurance policies. That’s why we also suggest you focus on the rider facilities.

Financial Ratings

Your picked insurance provider needs to be financially strong and reliable enough to provide you with a whole and comprehensive medical insurance coverage. Always check the AM’s best ratings and reviews of the providers from the trusted reviewing platforms.

FAQ About Life Insurance For Seniors No Medical Exam

What does modified whole life insurance mean?

Modified whole life insurance comes with a modified period for the first few years. In these modified period years, they will pay you fewer premiums and you can’t contribute with the cash values of the policy. However, after the termination of the modified period, the premiums will rise up and reach a stable level.

How to determine if life insurance is worth it or not?

Worthiness of whole life insurances depends on the needs and financial stability of the individuals. Whole life insurance is great, if you can afford the increased premiums and want a significant growth in your cash assets gradually. If you want to safeguard your family after your death, a term life insurance is pretty much enough in consideration.

Are there any differences between term and whole life insurances?

The key difference between whole life and term life is noticed in their term length. Whole Life insurance comes with lifelong benefits, where term life has a term length between 10 to 30 years. However, term life insurances are pretty much cheaper than whole life insurances.

Final Verdict

We are concluding the seven best life insurance for seniors no medical exam by saying that, our researchers have independently researched and picked these companies.

In our research procedure, we have looked upon the reputation, price segment, premiums, coverages, and financial stability of the companies.

Moreover, we have considered age issues, term lengths, conversion options, and other policies of the insurer companies. Customer satisfaction and complaint reports are also crucial factors we have considered during our listing. Consider these facts, your personal needs & preferences before taking the final action.

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