How To Get Free Government Internet For Seniors

Fast Internet is a basic necessity for many, including seniors. However, private agencies and internet service providers charge comparatively more than government ones. This is one of the significant reasons why most seniors can’t afford high-speed internet connections. So, how do you get free government internet for seniors?

Seniors can easily access free government internet services through FCC Lifeline programs, especially if they have Survivors Benefit and Veteran Pension. Other free internet providers like EveryoneOn, Internet Essentials, and Lifeline Support provide free internet services for seniors.

This blog will show how seniors can get free government internet services with access to the best internet speed.

How To Get Free Government Internet For Seniors?

Not all free services have the best internet speed, facilities, or connections. However, there are some fantastic and free internet options for seniors.

These free Internet for low-income seniors have indeed made their days less stressful. They can enjoy unlimited internet access with super-fast browsing without worrying about the bills.

To receive these benefits, seniors must apply online and state their current low-earning source via phone or email. The applications will be gone through inspections for factual verification.

Once accepted, seniors need to contact internet providers participating in these “free internet programs” and sign up for their existing plans. These free internet providers can be FreedomPop, Lifeline Program, and other service providers connected to these “free internet programs” to aid low-income seniors.

Moreover, the White House is hitting the road to make these application processes smooth and more convenient for the seniors to be applicable for such programs.

Below are the criteria that need to be fulfilled to qualify for most of the affordable internet programs:

  • The household income must be less than 200 percent of the federal poverty regulations.
    You make your participation in different federal assistance programs such as SSI, WIC, or SNAP.
  • You are qualified for the NSLP (National School Lunch Program).
  • You received Federal Pell Grant in the current awarding year.
  • You meet the qualifying criteria of the participating internet provider’s low-income programs for seniors.

You can easily apply for low-income internet programs if you are eligible for these qualifications and fulfill all the criteria.

10 Best Free Government Internet Services For Seniors

Here in this section, we’ll give you an in-depth understanding of the top 10 best free government internet services for seniors and how they provide the best of services.

1. AT&T

To get free internet access from AT&T, you must get approval for the federal ACP (Affordable Connectivity Program). By reaching the ACP approval, you are already eligible for AT&T access.

AT&T provides one of the most efficient and low-cost services by providing in-home wifi and free installation. Moreover, they also don’t have any annual contracts or deposits.

In contrast, you can access an affordable internet program for around $30 or even less per month, depending on your desired speed.

2. ACP

The ACP, a.k.a an Affordable Connectivity Program, is an entirely U.S. government ran program that aids low-income seniors and households access to affordable internet services.

You are most likely eligible for this service, especially if your overall income is 200 percent below the Federal Poverty Line.

That’s not the only clause to get this fantastic affordable internet service. You can easily access this impressive internet access facility if you receive Medicaid, SSI, SNAP, or Pell Grant.

ACP offers around a $30 per month discount on internet services to ensure no seniors have to face any billing issues. They even provide a $75 value, especially if the household qualifies on the Tribal Lands.

If you are lucky enough, you can even get a low-cost service plan conveniently covered throughout the ACP.

3. Freedom Pop

The internet speed is indeed pretty important, and that’s one of the offers that Freedom Pop provides to its subscription holders.

All the FreedomPop plans have unlimited wifi calls entirely for free. With their service, you can now easily make a call to anyone without having to pay an extra bill.

Moreover, you can also customize your plans, like how many text messages, minutes, or even data you require every month at only $2.99.

Even at $42.99 for the first month’s subscription, you’ll get unlimited calls, texts, messages, and super-fast data. The plan recommences at $55 from next month onwards. Even so, the program is just an ideal pick for low-income senior citizens.

That’s not all; through their Freemium plan, you can have a 100% free plan with unlimited RCS and iMessages over wifi.

4. StandUp Wireless

StandUp Wireless is a Lifeline provider that offers customers different facilities if they qualify through SNAP, Veterans Pension, Medicaid, or other programs.

This service provider offers subscription holders free unlimited text, data, and talk if you bundle ACP benefits with your Lifeline.

Their plan also includes 10GB of super-fast Internet and unlimited extra data. You’ll also get unlimited talk and text along with nationwide coverage. The offer doesn’t end here; you can also get a free phone with their connectivity subscription.

In short, StandUp Wireless has indeed brought a nationwide change with its remarkable connectivity plans.

5. NetZero

If you are planning to grab reliable and fast internet connections, then NetZero can be one of the best options. You’ll have a whole new web surfing experience with NetZero’s free and super-fast Internet.

Moreover, it only takes a few minutes to set up the entire service. You only need to get their installation CD, or you can download their software online. After you are done, you can easily access their fast-internet service and enjoy your browsing.

Their subscription plan even includes free 10 hours of Internet each month. This has undoubtedly been a massive benefit for many low-income senior citizens. They also have no risk of breaching or don’t even have any obligations.

Therefore, with their service, you can easily access multiple devices and have no hindrance with speed.

6. CableTV

CableTV believes that your income bracket should halt your internet access limitations. If you need a fast, reliable, and secure internet connection, their service plans undoubtedly have you covered.

It doesn’t matter where you are; as long as you qualify for the low-income criteria, you can easily access their ultimate money-saving services.

Their programs are convenient and ensure you never get deprived of the best browsing experience. CableTV even has free internet plans for those who qualify for the Federal Poverty Regulations.

Therefore, if you think you are eligible for their offer, you should get access o their lavishing and ultimate money-saving internet programs.

7. Lifeline Program

If you are living in Oregon, California, or Texas, then Lifeline Program can aid you with the best internet service.

All you need to do is check whether you are eligible for the government programs and the Federal Poverty Lines. If so, then this program is a must-grab for you.

Signing up with their programs is pretty simple and convenient. All you need to do is after you qualify with all their criteria, just sign-up for their subscription.

You can even get $9.25 off with bundled and internet services. Moreover, they even ensure that all eligible seniors get fast and secure Internet without trouble.

8. Internet Essentials

Internet Essentials has only one mission: to provide reliable, fast, and free Internet to all eligible customers.

You can get their free and fast internet services. All you need to do is follow three simple steps. First, check whether you qualify for the ACP. Then apply to Internet Essentials online, or you can also call their helpline if you need.

Finally, complete the ACP enrollment and enjoy their super-fast and complimentary internet services. However, to achieve this final step, you’ll require the application identification you received from the ACP National Verifier.

That’s not all; Internet Essential Plus offers you double the internet speed for free. So, this can be your deal if you want to enjoy fast video streams, clear audio, and video calls with no buffering.

9. EveryoneOn

As the name suggests, EveryoneOn only strives to provide a better and more functional internet connection to those in need.

EveryoneOn has worked and continues to work with several internet service providers and other organizations to provide better internet connections efficiently.

The Affordable Connectivity program is a Federal Communications Commissions program that helps provide internet service subsidies. $30 monthly is paid for low-income households’ internet bills.

Eligible candidates for the program will also enjoy a $30 discount per month on internet bills. Which ultimately makes the internet bills free of cost. Not only that, but EveryoneOn also provides several other offers along with the $30 subsidy.

If qualified on Tribal lands, they will receive up to $74 per month of internet service. To add to the offers, you will receive a one-time offer of $100 upon purchasing a laptop, tablet, or desktop computer.

10. Google Fiber

In some areas, Google Fiber provides as low as up to $15 per month for high-speed internet service plans depending on your state and financial situation.

However, depending on your living and financial situation, you may also be eligible for $0 per month of internet services.

The pricing may vary from state to state or area to area. But it is assured that senior citizens or low-income households can benefit from Google Fiber’s $0 per month internet plan.

The Gig internet provides $0 per month for internet bills for specific affordable public housing systems. You do not require to fulfill any requirements, construction fees, or installation fees to avail of the plan.

Google Fiber has partnered with housing its chosen properties and local community groups to ensure they can enjoy internet connection with affordability. You can access up to 1 Gigabit upload and download speed. Residents of selected properties with K-12 families are eligible for this plan in Fiber Cities.

Who offers low-cost internet for seniors?

Many low-cost internet service providers offer the best deals to senior citizens. However, below are some of the top-rated service providers that we think are the perfect choice for low-income seniors.


Most internet providers participate in the FCC’s program, which lets all eligible households save up to $30 each month on any internet access.

ii) AT&T

AT&T offers qualified homes free or low-cost home internet. $30/month or less depends on the address’s maximum speed. Affordable Connectivity Program participants get free access.


Lifeline decreases monthly internet and phone costs. Moreover, customers can also save around $9.25 on the internet or other bundled services. Medicaid, SSI, SNAP, and other tribal programs are eligible.

v) Xfinity-Comcast

Eligible folks can get upto $10/month internet, in-home Wi-Fi, a discounted PC, free internet training classes, and Xfinity wifi hotspots. Affordable Connectivity Program participants get free access.

What are the cheapest senior internet plans?

By far, FCC’s Affordability Connectivity Program has been rated the cheapest of internet plans for seniors. The low-cost and high-speed Internet they provide is undoubtedly worth the price and experience.

After ACP, the next best senior internet discount plan is from AT&T. They provide a $30 per month depending on the speed and your area; the prices may vary. But their services are top-notch, and the affordability is what draws most people to them.

Does Comcast internet essentials for seniors are best overall?

For the price point they offer, Comcast internet essentials for seniors certainly is the best of its kind overall. They provide enough data for seniors to browse and enjoy the plan while giving adequate speed to eliminate buffering.

Their packs are the best for users who like to browse or stream TV services from Netflix or Hulu, among others. They also provide high-speed internet at 100mbps download speed, which should cause no buffering. The high-speed performance and smooth upload and downloading feature is the specialty that this plan boasts.

FAQ About The Free Government Internet for Seniors

Is There Free Internet For Senior Citizens?

While there is no specified “Free of cost” internet service provider, specific programs, organizations and communities provide Internet at low prices depending on your financial situation.

Can Seniors Get Free Internet?

Some programs provide subsidy too and offer discounts which ultimately bills you$0 for your internet bill. These programs allow you to take full advantage of the Internet at high speed, which is just enough for any household.

Who Pays For The Free Services On The Internet?

Certain companies pay in total for the infrastructure of the internet provided. These companies will spend millions yearly to upgrade and improve the internet network. However, since users lately prefer more video services than ever before, it is hard for these companies to keep up with those expenses.

How Can I Get Unlimited Internet For Free?

You can avail free Internet depending on your lifestyle, living standards, and financial conditions. However, it is less likely to benefit from unlimited Internet for free. Unless you have any particular need to require aid from the government, it isn’t very sure to avail such an internet plan free of cost.

Final Verdict

It is essential to have accessibility to the Internet for everyone. Regardless of your location or status, having cheap internet access for seniors can go a long way in helping them out of dire situations and help with emergency needs of all sorts and kinds.

Subsequently, it is just as important, if not more important, for senior citizens to access the Internet regardless of their situation. These organizations, companies, and communities that provide free government internet for seniors citizen help prevent boredom and uplift their mood.

Therefore, discount internet for seniors undeniably has helped improve their mood and has been sustainable for those with low-income sources. These programs that provide internet for senior citizens are necessary to keep them up-to-date with the world and stay in touch with people.

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