How To Get Free Government Tablet In 2023

Nowadays, nearly everybody needs a tablet. However, due to our varying financial situations, not every one of us can purchase a tablet. There are a number of ways to obtain free government tablets that you can use for work, school, and communication. Many students and workers prefer tablets for daily usage because they offer a sizable screen that resembles a computer monitor.

You may ask, how to get a free government tablet in 2023? For low-income households and individuals, a number of government initiatives and non-profit or NGOs deliver free tablets. These governmental and non-governmental organizations give free tablets to qualified participants who meet a set of requirements.

If your income is comparatively low, you may be eligible to apply for a free government tablet. Some people cannot enroll in the program even when they meet the requirements and have the necessary paperwork because they are not properly informed about the programs. To get accepted, you must understand how to apply, complete the paperwork, and provide the required documentation.

In the following sections, I’ll go over everything you’ll need to understand about getting free government tablets.

The Basics About Free Government Tablets

Free government tablets are designed to assist low-income individuals who find it challenging to manage a smart device while staying connected to their daily needs. The most well-known government initiative that includes free tablets is the Emergency Broadband Benefit (EBB) program.

The EBB tablet programs are highly sought-after due to their streamlined clearance process and extensive benefits, including cellular perks. In contrast, several non-governmental organizations (NGOs) give away free tablets, but they are usually refurbished. Only a few NGOs provide brand-new smartphones and tablets to eligible individuals.

You can apply for a free government tablet, based on the program you decide to enroll in. You must qualify for one of the government’s free tablet projects by showing an annual earning of less than 150% of the federal poverty threshold. However, let’s know how to apply for free tablets from government through other recently established government funds as well.

How To Get Free Government Tablet – Detailed Guide

How To Get Free Government Tablet

Free government tablets are available through federal initiatives that collaborate with the FCC. Additionally, non-government institutions that are supported by individuals or organizations also offer free tablets for low income families. Nevertheless, compared to the federal tablet giveaway schemes, NGO projects have unique eligibility requirements.

What Are The Qualifying Requirements For Free Government Tablet Programs

Qualification Requirements Based on Income: You may also be eligible based on your financial status, which must be between 135 and 150 percent of the FPG. If you are below the federal poverty guidelines, you are still eligible to fill out this application for free tablet even if you work more than forty hours each week. You may also be qualified for this program if you’re able to demonstrate that you are receiving unemployment benefits.

Qualification Requirements Based On Programs: If you have documentation of your ongoing membership in any FCC programs, you may potentially qualify. Here is a list of eligible programs through which you can apply for the free government tablet programs.

  • Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program, or LIHEAP
  • All unrestricted National School Lunch Project initiatives.
  • Program for Social Security Disability (SSD).
  • Temporary Aid for Needy Families, or TANF
  • Section 8, often known as the Federal Public Housing Assistance Project
  • Federal Pell Grants, Head Start, and extended foster care.
  • SSI, or Supplemental Security Income.
  • Government Medical Services Program or Medicaid.
  • Treatment protocols for adult and child mental well-being.
  • Supplementary Nutrition Assistance Plan (SNAP).
  • VPSB, or Veterans Pension or Survival Benefit project.

What Are The Required Documents For Free Government Tablets

Before applying for subsidized tablets, it is essential for candidates to review the program requirements. The necessary paperwork varies depending on whether the program is federally funded or provided by a non-profit organization.

For federally funded programs, candidates typically need to provide proof of eligibility, such as enrollment in a government assistance program. They may also need to provide documentation, such as a tax return or pay stubs, to verify their income level.

For non-profit organizations’ free tablet programs, the application process may vary. Candidates may need to provide personal information, such as their name, address, and contact information. They may also need to explain why they need the tablet and how it will benefit them.

The US national government allocates a budget each year to provide subsidized tablets, computers, and other digital products to low-income households and students. These programs aim to bridge the digital divide and ensure that everyone has access to the necessary technology to participate in today’s digital world.

Required documents for Government Grants

Here is a list of the paperwork needed to qualify for free government tablets provided through grants.

  • A picture of the applicant to use as identification.
  • Proof of qualification for the program, in print.
  • Contact information, including a phone number and email address.
  • A valid US residency document that shows your name, address, and Postcode.
  • Your most current or valid wage statement as evidence of your financial situation.

You must note that qualifying standards vary by program and by state. As a result, before starting the application, you should go to the provider’s official website and acquire the necessary information.

If you are missing any documents, make sure to get them as soon as you can. Because your documentation will increase your chances of approval.

Required Documents For Federal Program-Based Eligibility

If you proceed with the application through any FCC-authorized programs like SNAP, Medicare, LIHEAP, TANF, etc., you have to submit several additional papers. Following, I’ll mention the papers you must submit for a Federal program-based application.

  • You must submit the Benefit Cards with all requirements for Medicaid or SNAP.
  • Submit all Benefit credentials with an expiration date of up to one year (more than one year won’t be approved by the authorities).
  • Include the benefits affidavit for the qualified protocols you’ll submit with your application.
  • You must also submit the referral or declaration letter from the legal government agency if you interacted with a recognized federal agent.
  • The Retirement and Disability Advantages Report or any Veterans Affairs Benefit Statements.

Required Documents For Income-Based Eligibility

Just like program-based applications, you have to submit some necessary documents for income-based applications also. I’ve listed these required documents below.

  • The copy of the previous year’s income tax return, whether it was filed with the state or the federal government.
  • You have to prepare one of your authorized business’s cash flow statuses.
  • the public assistance membership statement or notice from your federal programs.
  • Statement or letter confirming Social Security benefits from the preceding year.
  • You must also file a statement of unemployment for workers’ benefit plans if you are idle or jobless.

You can stay stress-free as the authorities will secure & safeguard your info. They will just exchange the given documents or details with USAC, the Universal Service Administrative Company.

To prove your eligibility, they have to provide the state agencies with all of your information. You should not be concerned about security because Secure Sockets Layer, or SSL, is used to encrypt all data that is collected online.

5 Best Programs To Get Free Government Tablet In 2023

1. Salvation Army

Salvation Army - free government tablet

The Salvation Army is a non-profit organization that offers a variety of services to the community, including providing free smartphones, tablets, and computers to those in need. Their services aim to assist individuals and families who are struggling with financial difficulties, disabilities, and orphaned children.

The organization provides essential assistance to low-income individuals and families, as well as those who are paralyzed or facing other challenges. They recognize the importance of technology in today’s world and strive to bridge the digital divide by providing free devices to those who may not otherwise have access to them.

Application Procedure: You must first go to their web page and then enter your info. Afterward, provide the information needed for approval (income status or program-based requirements). If your application is accepted after evaluation, you can receive complimentary tablets from them.

Salvation Army has several branches in the US that give away free or heavily discounted tablets as well as other electronic items. You can bid on items in their virtual thrift shops, and the prices are significantly less expensive than those found elsewhere.

2. The On It Foundation

The On It Foundation

A Florida-based charity called The On It Foundation supplies the underprivileged with access to technology. The title means Opportunities Necessary to Increase Technology, and its long-term goal is to ensure comprehensive access to modern technology in each home, regardless of money or social standing.

Application Procedure: There are two ways to apply for the On It foundation’s free tablet project. Applying using their online platform is the most convenient, quick, and effective choice. Nonetheless, you can apply for the free tablets for students program from one of their physical locations.

The ON IT foundation will be your best alternative if you live in Florida and fall below the poverty threshold or cannot afford a laptop or a tablet. They also conduct additional employment and youth training programs to assist poor people in finding a better way of life.

3. Computers For Kids

free government tablet - Computers For Kids

CFK is a non-profit organization that provides tablets, desktops, and computers to children in grades 9-12. Their goal is to provide low-cost devices to students in order to improve their access to technology and educational resources.

CFK has developed affordable tablets, laptops, and computers for future purposes. They primarily focus on children who attend schools or non-governmental organizations (NGOs) for educational purposes. By providing these devices to students, CFK aims to enhance their learning experiences and prepare them for success in their academic and professional endeavors.

Application Procedure: You must first go to their web page and enter your personal details. Afterward, submit the necessary information which is used for approval. You can get free tablets or computers from them after they check your application form, and information to provide you with their authorization access.

Since its beginning journey, this foundation has been providing services to underprivileged kids in Wyoming, Alberta, Nevada, and California. They have successfully distributed over 50,000 laptops, tablets, and technological gadgets to underprivileged children since 2002.

4. Federal Pell Grants

The Federal Pell Grant is a form of financial aid provided by the U.S. Department of Education’s Federal Student Aid department. It is available to college students who are experiencing extreme financial distress or who are unable to complete a bachelor’s degree.

The Pell Grant is a need-based award, meaning that it is primarily intended to assist students with significant financial need. Eligibility for the grant is determined based on several factors, including the student’s expected family contribution (EFC), enrollment status, and the cost of attendance at their school.

The Federal Student Aid department manages and administers the Pell Grant program, which provides funding for eligible students to use towards tuition, fees, and other educational expenses. This grant is a valuable resource for students who may not otherwise be able to afford college, enabling them to pursue their academic and career goals.

Application Procedure: First of all, you have to collect and submit the FAFSA form. FAFSA is the full form of Free Application for Federal Student Aid. Generally, colleges and educational institutions send your data to the FAFSA to check if you are qualified or not. Therefore, you must fill out the FAFSA form every year to remain on the qualified list for the Federal Pell Grant.

5. Interconnection


InterConnection is a non-profit organization that operates a philanthropic computer recycling and reuse program. Their mission is to provide access to technology for individuals who may not be able to afford it or have limited access to it.

The organization refurbishes computers and laptops, making them available to underprivileged people around the world. This program enables those in need to access modern technology, which can help improve their quality of life and increase their opportunities for education, employment, and communication.

InterConnection’s computer recycling and reuse program not only provides access to technology but also promotes sustainability by reducing electronic waste. By refurbishing computers and laptops, they are extending the life of these devices and reducing the need for new technology to be manufactured.

Application Procedure: Low-income people can purchase laptops, tablets, and computers via this nonprofit. Their application has now come to an end and will start over on July 1st, 2023. They assess all 501c3 nonprofit organizations in the United States to receive applications 3 times a year.

They mostly gave away recycled tablets and computers to qualified US-based nonprofit organizations. Large corporations including the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, TechSoup, Microsoft, Seattle Airlines, Expedia, CenturyLink, HomeStreet Bank, etc., work in the funding for InterConnection.

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How To Get Free Government Tablet – FAQ

Where can I buy an EBB tablet?

You can receive complimentary tablets and cheap cellular services through Government programs. You must first go via an approved provider and meet the qualifying requirements in order to receive a free EBB tablet. You can obtain the EBB tablets with a free cellular subscription after the initial approval.

Does T-Mobile give free tablets?

Yes, T-Emergency Mobile’s broadband aid program does give free tablets. You have to submit a free government tablet application if you are a qualifying participant in their EBB Program. However, you might need to pay up to $10.01 for the tablet’s contract charge.

Where can I get free tablets through the government with an internet connection?

You can get a free government tablet with internet from the Lifeline, Emergency Broadband Benefits, or Affordable Connectivity Program benefit providers. Some of the leading/top free government tablet providers are QLink Wireless, Standup Wireless, etc.

Final Verdict

In this article, I’ve covered all the basic information you will need to qualify for free government tablets. Regardless of whether you apply via Federal programs or NGOs, you must first understand the overall conditions, applying methods, and requirements of each program.

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