How To Get A Free Laptop No Strings Attached

I know it sounds crazy, but is it really possible to get a free laptop with no strings attached? Indeed, obtaining a laptop for free is possible through various means.. Most commonly, having a low income, being a veteran, or being a student will increase your chances, but anyone is capable.

Every day, more people use laptops to manage daily tasks like going to school, working, and managing their personal lives. In some situations, there can be restrictions, but if you’re lucky, you might be able to just grab a laptop. Whatever your situation, it’s actually quite simple to get a free laptop.

Depending on your demands and where you buy them, several of these laptops are indeed high-quality models. With the help of the article, you’ll know all the options on how to get a free laptop no strings attached.

Why Free Laptops Are Needed For Low-Income Families?

Nearly 94% of American families have access to at least one computer, that they use for recreation, informational purposes, and bill-paying. Many Americans now use those computers to work from their homes while their children complete their homework at the kitchen counter.

Low-income households that lack access to a functional computer at home are seriously handicapped. You might be thinking about how to locate and qualify for free computers for low-income families if you’re trying to bridge the technological gap.

There are numerous groups all throughout the US that offer free computers to low-income households. The connections you require to seek employment, get food and resources, and provide your children more fair access to resources, particularly education, may be found on these laptops.

Continue reading to discover how to get a free laptop with no strings attached.

How To Get A Free Laptop No Strings Attached

How To Get A Free Laptop No Strings Attached

Any family needs a laptop in order to make money, develop in life, and keep everyone amused. If the world moves to virtual reality, nobody should be left behind.

With just a simple laptop, a low-income family might increase its position and make money online. You can receive a laptop for free without having to make any payments or do any services.

Non-governmental organizations typically provide these services. You can depend on the following non-governmental groups to provide you with a free computer. Here are some of the best ways to get low-income families free laptops!

1. Computers With Causes

Computers With Causes

Another nationwide nonprofit managed by the Giving Center, a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Charitable Organization, is Computers With Causes. Their mission is to spread awareness of the importance of providing and the profound effects it may have on the lives of others.

They ask you to describe your demands during the application process, after which they will work to acquire the laptop you require. As soon as they obtain your application, references, and background check, they perform a straightforward requirements analysis.

Do not let this scare you; the goal is to ensure that the laptop they send out reaches the right people. Computes for Causes is an amazing charity that helps those in need. As a non-profit organization, they provide laptops to a wide range of individuals, with a particular emphasis on foster home directors and veterans.

A background check, document verification, and interview must be completed in order to qualify. Their aim is to aid those who are in dire straits. Those who find themselves at a loss and with no other options, should seize this remarkable opportunity to get back on their feet.

2. The On It Foundation

The On It Foundation seeks to provide computers to kids in kindergarten through grade twelve. Opportunities Necessary to Increase Learning is referred to as On It. The goal of this group is to give low-income households the necessary technologies.

Elementary school families with kids can get free laptops as a gift. The offer includes not only the computer but also internet connection and computer training. The aim is to support families in need.

If children are eligible for free or reduced-price lunches at their public high school, they will be qualified for the program. There might only be a small number of computers available, but you can sign up for the waiting list to be informed as soon as one becomes available.

Additionally, there’s a firm promoting a laptop priced at $99 that comes with a warranty. The signature of a parent or guardian is required to complete the transaction. A statement from the school is also required to be sent. Your child’s qualification for free and reduced lunch should be specifically stated in the school’s letter, which should be on letterhead.

3. Microsoft Registered Refurbishers

Microsoft Registered Refurbishers

Microsoft is a recognizable brand in the computer industry, and they are aware of the crucial role they play in connection. They collaborate with both private individuals and groups to collect computers and computer components, refurbish them, and distribute them to people in need.

The program’s objective is to collaborate with businesses and organizations that Microsoft licenses. They then take the equipment and prepare it for distribution by refurbishing it. Not all renovators provide assistance to low-income people. They provide complimentary PCs to anyone who qualifies and is in need.

Right now is the optimum occasion to invest in a gently used laptop – it will function like it’s never been touched.. Depending on your circumstances, you may be able to obtain a laptop for nothing at all or at a significant discount. They will be required to fill out certain questionnaires to ensure the equipment’s receiver actually needs it.

4. Everyone On

Another charitable organization, EveryoneOn, is striving to help over 1 million individuals find affordable computers. This is a fantastic method of obtaining a low-cost or free laptops for senior citizens.

Additionally, they aim to support individuals in obtaining internet access. In order to qualify, individuals must provide their postal code and answer a brief questionnaire. This survey is shorter compared to other companies, which is a benefit. On their website, computers are priced at around $150, however, the type of computer is not specified.

The goal of Everyone On is to link individuals in need with providers of internet services and hardware manufacturers. Their aim is to give individuals in need free, inexpensive, or reasonable computers, in addition to ensuring that the same individuals can find an inexpensive internet service provider.

They give a useful tool named the locator tool that aids persons in need in finding internet deals, gadget offers, and suppliers of computer literacy programs in their immediate neighborhood. This utility is readily available on their website.

5. Freecycle


A nationwide organization, The Freecycle Network has local chapters in practically all major cities. Begin your quest for a gratis computing device by utilizing the search engine to pinpoint your urban location, subsequently integrating yourself into the community, and finally perusing the list for available, costless laptops or computers. It is imperative to bear in mind, however, that despite the available options being of no expense, one should not anticipate a glut of selections.

Try to check frequently during the day because free PCs will definitely fill up quickly. Email alerts are another option, however not all new offers may be included in them. Interesting steps are taken by Freecycle to help individuals in need acquire computers.

Many homes have computers that they don’t use, don’t need, or are prepared to throw away. In actuality, the majority of individuals are unsure about what to do with a computer that is collecting dust in the closet and is no longer in use.

To locate a board in your area, visit their message boards and explore around. You can either inquire as to whether someone has a computer they wish to get rid of or search for ones that have already been listed as being available.

6. Alliance for Technology Refurbishing and Reuse

The AFTRR is a group of nonprofit organizations united by a broad commitment to education. They provide a cost-effective or no-cost solution to those who require it by revamping and dispersing computers.

Depending on the requirements of the family, a collection of nonprofit groups is distributing free or heavily reduced laptops. They are spread out all throughout the US. This will enable quicker shipping of your laptop and better communication.

Every non-profit is different in terms of size, and this will have an impact on how much goods they can distribute. In the event of actual need, they’ll discover a means of resolution.  Although the type of laptop is not specified, they are all used laptops. This indicates that they were damaged but then restored to their former form.

You have to locate a nearby local organization that takes part in this program because they collaborate with neighborhood organizations. The closest location can be found online. Choose the pin nearest to you to learn more about the “Reuse Coordinator” in your area.

7. PC’s for People

PC’s for People

Free laptops have been provided to people by PCs for People since 1998. Their business has seen steady growth since then. This could be your chance to buy a laptop and start down the path to success.

PCs for People seeks to provide computers to people who live in poverty below the 200% threshold. If you are already qualified by an income-based government aid program, you may also be able to purchase a computer from them. The programs might encompass the following:

  • Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP)
  • Medicaid (or Medical Assistance)
  • Free/Reduced National School Lunch Program
  • Section 8 of the Social Security Disability Pell Grant (SSD)
  • Subsidized Security Income (SSI)
  • GA or TANF Financial Support (a dated letter is required)
  • Benefits for Unemployment
  • Veteran advantages

To qualify, a beneficiary must answer questions on a form that includes, among other things:

  • Should be at or below the poverty line of 200%
  • A family member who is handicapped
  • Collaborate with a social worker

You will also need recent paperwork proving your qualification for one or more of those public assistance programs in order to apply to PCs for People. You may be able to obtain computer hardware for free or at a significantly discounted cost, depending on your eligibility.

Final Verdict

The first step to getting a free laptop with no strings attached is learning how to apply. Although you might need to provide proof of eligibility, the programs frequently utilize the same standards as other government-based initiatives.

Nowadays, owning a computer is not simply a luxury. In order to participate in programs, perform their jobs, and get children online for school, families need them.

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