How To Get Free Malware Protection For Tablets

While it’s possible to keep your Android phone safe without antivirus software, doing so comes with risks. And that is especially true if you frequently access files from email or chat services or download a plethora of apps from the Google Play store. Thus, you may ask, how to get free malware protection for tablets?

A security software application is the best option for ensuring that your Android smartphone is secure from any viruses or other dangers. In reality, many applications on Google Play are available, therefore you are not even required to spend for safety.

However, it is of utmost importance that you are getting the best protection from a reliable vendor – malware from an untrustworthy antivirus provider can be devastating. Don’t let your computer fall victim to malicious software! In this guide, you’ll discover the best options for safeguarding your tablet against malicious software without any cost.. So, stay tuned.

What is Malware Protection Software and How Do They Work?

A strong cyber security solution called malware protection provides your smartphones & tablets an additional segment of protection against online threats. Malware protection is a program that regularly analyzes your computer to find, capture, and get rid of any malware that might be present and endanger the security of your systems.

How To Get Free Malware Protection For Tablets

Antimalware software can aid in the prevention of malware threats by checking all incoming data and preventing malware from being launched and attacking a computer. Antimalware shields you from hackers utilizing ransomware to breach your system and also detects sophisticated viruses, providing a comprehensive layer of security.

The anti-malware essentially places the virus in a timeout. When a dangerous file is isolated, it cannot harm your system and can be manually deleted without doing any harm. There you have it, then! That’s a summary of any average malware protection software.

How do I protect my tablet from malware?

In this section, we’ll cover the best tips and ways to keep your tablets free from any malware attacks.

Utilize security software by installing it

Any gadget that has an internet connection must have antivirus software. Numerous elements in a competent security suite can help shield your gadgets and your files from online dangers you might not be conscious of.

If you’re currently on the market, take into consideration Norton Security, which offers smartphone compatibility and complete defense against both current and new threats.

Always update your software

Do not put off upgrading your system, no matter what gadget you are using. These upgrades frequently assist in plugging the newest software flaws and security weaknesses.

Software updates frequently include or improve security settings while also resetting your current settings. As a result, you should check the privacy controls on every gadget and make any necessary modifications.

Be cautious when installing apps

When downloading apps, please be careful. Only get them from reputable app shops, like Play Store or the Apple App Store, before installing, check the app ratings and data protection laws.

Lock your gadget

The first line of protection against someone who has access to your smartphone accessing your data is lock-screen encryption. Knowing that none of your information becomes unexpectedly public will provide you peace of mind in the case of loss or theft.

Beware of smashing

Nowadays, it’s not only emails that need to be checked out. Another issue is SMS phishing fraud. Whether it’s a text or perhaps an email, follow your instincts. You should consider a message seriously if it sounds strange. It is always better to be safe than sorry, so taking the necessary precautions will help keep your device and data secure.

5 Best Free Malware Protection Softwares For Tablets In 2023

1. TotalAV Antivirus

TotalAV Antivirus - Free Malware Protection For Tablets

TotalAV Antivirus is a fantastic antivirus security program for a variety of devices running on different operating systems. The software enables real-time security by continuously scanning your downloads, executable files, and documents for dangers that could potentially harm your system.

It routinely and automatically updates itself to ensure that it can get rid of any risks from viruses and malware. By scheduling scans, the software enables users to automate system security. In addition, TotalAV Antivirus provides excellent support in ad blocking.


  • Interoperability between platforms
  • Protection from viruses in real-time.
  • Removal of malware
  • Detection of threats online.

TotalAV Antivirus is a feature-rich antivirus program that can defend not just systems running different operating systems but also Android-based mobile devices.

The tool will let you run a quick system scan on your computer for free if that’s what you’d like to do. I strongly advise signing up for one of the company’s premium packages if you want access to its advanced features.

Pricing Plans:

Free Plan: It conducts just the basic scans
Pro Plan: For just 19 dollars for 3 handsets
Internet Security: Provides smart protection for 5 devices at 39 dollars.
Total Security: To ensure overall security for 8 devices at 49 dollars.

2. Malwarebytes Security

Malwarebytes Security

Malwarebytes Security is one of the best antivirus apps for Android. It introduces features for cyber defense by providing you with tools for the elimination of vulnerabilities in your device, the detection of phishing URLs, and much more.


  • Automated Protection Against Emerging Threats
  • The privacy audit tool scours any apps that keep track of your activity and whereabouts.
  • Ensure that your URLs are safe from phishing scams.
  • Streamline your Android handset by getting rid of bloatware, and experience exceptional functionality.
  • With this service, you’ll receive access to a VPN that safeguards your privacy and keeps your information secure.

For commercial use, Malwarebytes Security may be an excellent choice. They provide distinct plans for both personal and professional use.


Pricing options for personal use are as follows-

  • Basic Plan (for one device): 3.33 dollars monthly
  • Essential (for one device): 5 dollars monthly
  • Essential (for five devices): 6.67 dollars monthly.

3. Avira

If you are considering the best free antivirus for android devices and tablets, Avira can be a considerable option. Secure your online privacy with a complimentary daily 100 MB VPN, filter out malicious apps and websites while you’re at it, and enjoy all the other amazing benefits this offers.. There are professional plans available as well, with features like VIP customer assistance and the ability to install premium mobile applications.


  • Get a free VPN with 100 MB of daily internet usage.
  • Tools to aid in recovering your phone in the event of theft.
  • Notifies you right away if your info is compromised.
  • Put a passcode on your device to lock the applications.
  • Any websites that appear to pose a threat to your device are blocked.

Avira free antivirus for android is undoubtedly one of the most well-liked and suggested antiviruses for tablets, with over 20 million users globally, over 30 years of industry expertise, and a 4.6/5 ranking on the Google Play app store.


There is a cost-free version and three paid plans. Price plans are as follows:

Security Pro: For 11.99 dollars yearly
Prime Mobile: For 31.99 dollars yearly

4. Bitdefender Mobile Security

Bitdefender Mobile Security - Free Malware Protection For Tablets

Bitdefender is a cloud-based malware protection software for Android OS. This antivirus program offers the ability to install & scan on demand. It assists you in protecting the smartphone from many dangers.

The program looks after both personal data and internet privacy. For android handsets, it is the top antivirus application. It offers malware and virus security for your Android phone while having little to no negative battery impact.


  • Provides a secure VPN for online browsing.
  • Locate, lock or format your device in the event of it being misplaced or stolen with a single click – now that’s convenience!
  • Incorporating this system will have a negligible effect on battery life.
  • Ensure your account’s confidentiality by monitoring if your email has been violated.
  • Android 5.0 or any of its consequent versions are all compatible with this product.
  • This device requires an Internet connection in order to function.

You can utilize a private VPN using Bitdefender that grants you 200 MB of daily Internet browsing. You also receive protection against viruses, anti-theft safety, and a lot more. The app is strongly recommended and reasonably priced. Although there is a free option, the alternatives offer a wider variety of services with their free plans.


Price plans are as follows:

For 1 device: 14.99 dollars
For 5 devices: 44.99 dollars

5. McAfee Mobile Security

McAfee Mobile Security

You can use McAfee Mobile Security as a solution to safeguard your smartphone or tablet from viruses and mobile scamming. Moreover, it safeguards your computer from any malicious software.

McAfee Mobile Security offers identity theft protection. You can obtain the tools you need from McAfee to shield your computer against viruses, hide your identity, and connect to a secure VPN.


  • Defends you against dangers like noxious links and websites, etc.
  • Get accessibility to McAfee’s VPN to shield your login credentials and financial data from identity thieves.
  • Check your device’s apps frequently for risks and block them.
  • Safeguards your data from connections or websites that are not reliable.

Award-winning antiviral security company McAfee offers a variety of benefits like improved device efficiency, secure browsing, identity protection, and more. With all of these advantages, McAfee is a highly suggested antivirus for Android.


A 30-day free trial is available. For a year, prices start at 24.99 dollars (for up to ten devices).

FAQ About Free Malware Protection For Tablets

Will antivirus software cause my phone to run slower?

Perhaps, but most likely not. To make sure there are no malicious threats or viruses present, antivirus software checks files and apps. The amount of information the AV must verify increases with the interval between scans.
These thorough checks may slow down your phone’s pace noticeably. To avoid affecting your phone consumption, it is advised that you configure your scanning to run more regularly or even at nighttime.
Today’s top antivirus programs even include tools to lessen these effects, like cloud-based scans, smart scanning technology, rapid scans, and automatic scheduling of more thorough scans.

What should I do if my antivirus program finds a virus?

In an ideal scenario, your antivirus program would prevent any harmful downloads or apps and clear the malicious programs for you. However, a lot of this depends on the antivirus program you’re utilizing.
The antivirus will typically alert you to the danger and attempt to isolate the malicious attachment to prevent it from spreading. When the virus has been isolated, the program will give you the choice of attempting to eradicate it or deleting the file entirely.

Do Android tablets require antivirus software?

We rely on our phones for a lot of crucial functions, including cash transfers, therefore protecting our data is crucial. A virus has the power to corrupt your crucial files and even track your movements. So purchasing antivirus software for your Android tablet is always a smart move.

Does Android come with built-in antivirus software?

You do receive free, built-in virus protection with Android phones. Google Play Protect prevents malicious software and unauthorized apps from accessing your smartphone. It periodically screens the programs and even provides you with anti-theft capabilities with other features.

How can you remove a virus from an Android phone?

The malware on an Android smartphone can be removed by:
Uninstalling any shady software programs.
Using antivirus to scan.
Before installing apps to a mobile device, this free antivirus program for Android may scan them for infection.
It enables quick virus removal from your device.

Final Verdict

Choosing an antivirus for your smartphone or tablet is always a sensible move in these times of rising cybercrime and password hacks. The majority of antivirus apps for Android charge little for their basic features. This makes it simple for anyone to purchase an Android antivirus.

Total AV is the top antivirus for Android. It provides the most features while charging the most affordable pricing. The Camera Trap function that AVG Antivirus for android provides is quite outstanding. Even though this tool is only available in the paid edition, it has a lot of advantages.

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