How To Get Free RVs For Disabled Veterans

You are a veteran who is disabled and now has a strong desire to travel. You have lofty aspirations of locating a used RV, putting it in working order, and taking to the open road for thrilling experiences. The issue is that you are cash-strapped. Do you give up on your aspirations of taking a road trip in your very own mobile home? Or is it really possible to get free RVs for disabled veterans?

Even though it may seem unattainable, getting a recreational vehicle for nothing is possible if you are prepared to put in the extra time and work. If you adhere to the advice given here, there are numerous ways to obtain a free RV. In fact, by employing these precise methods, many ambitious campers have realized their RV goals.

Why spend a lot of money on a brand-new RV when you can obtain one that has been used on the road and is still in excellent condition for nothing? Are you prepared to receive your free recreational vehicle? Let’s discuss how to get free RVs for disabled veterans!

Is Every Free RV Junk?

When I consider a free RV, this is the first thought that comes to mind. They must be covered in mold, vermin, and who knows what else. Interestingly, though, this is not always the case. Yes, there are a lot of deteriorating, old, abandoned RVs that wouldn’t be worth the time or effort to try to repair.

Although many RVs are not in use, they are in decent enough shape to be fixed or modified. It could be necessary for you to move them from where you found them, but it might be worthwhile for a free RV that you can salvage.

And if you enjoy doing things yourself, why not at least receive the RV for free before disassembling and remodeling it? We will address this a bit lower down in the article. You could even be able to receive some of the materials for your RV makeover for free.

7 Ways To Get Free RVs For Disabled Veterans

Free RVs For Disabled Veterans

In this section we will cover the efficient ways of getting free RVs as a disabled veteran. So let’s explore each of the top seven ways for locating a free RV!

1. Transport RVs for an RV rental business

Numerous thousands of individuals rent RVs each year. Some people just rent round-trip, which simply means they pick up and drop off at the same place. However, a large number of individuals also rent RVs for single trips. This is particularly valid if they are making a long journey.

To go from New York to Florida, for instance, a person could choose to hire an RV for a week or two. In this situation, they might decide to take a flight home rather than squander up their valuable vacation time by making a second round of the same route.

How then does the RV rental company return the RV to its starting point? The RV can be towed or trucked back at a high cost, or it can be loaded onto a train and shipped back. Alternatively, they might hire a driver and cover all of their costs as they return the RV to its starting position.

And then they must pay to have the driver transported back to their starting spot. The point is that the RV rental firm spends a lot of money using each of these techniques to bring the RV back to its original rental spot. As a result, RV rental businesses permit customers to return their RVs to their starting location.

In return, the customer gets to utilize the RV for the length of the journey to camp or sightsee. Driving is often expected to take between two and three hours every day, so there is plenty of time for recreation along the way. This is a fantastic way to use a fully functional RV for nothing. You can do this as frequently as you’d like even though you don’t get to retain the RV!

2. Use Facebook to Find a Free RV

There are two fantastic ways to locate a free RV on Facebook. The first is via the FREE/CHEAP Campers and Mobile Homes Facebook group. The fact that there is a Facebook community for free RVs is amazing to me. As a result, if you join the group and keep an eye on it, you could just find what you’re looking for.

Within the organization, there are inexpensive RVs for sale as well as free RVs. To locate a free or incredibly low-cost RV, read the posts. Facebook Marketplace is the second way to use Facebook to find a free, or really affordable, RV.

In fact, an RV was discovered on Facebook Marketplace. There are many affordable RVs listed, and occasionally a free one is added as well. As a result, keep an eye out for one on the Marketplace and be prepared to go have a look.

3. Find Free RVs On Craigslist

There are a few excellent methods for using Craigslist to locate a free RV. You can post an advertisement saying that you are seeking a free RV or search for someone who is giving one away. Let’s examine these two possibilities in more detail.

Craigslist search

You can go through the free RV listings on your local Craigslist. But you might want to look Nationwide if you’re willing to go further. Use these two links to search on Craigslist at the national level. RV or a motorhome can be found at their site –

If you need to copy and paste the links for some reason, there are two things you should know.

  • Just leave it as-is and don’t add www or https before them.
  • Keep in mind that there is room between the forward slash and RV and the motorhome. The link won’t function if the blank space is missing. That’s the only way it functions, and we have no idea why.

Several pages of free RVs, motorhomes, and RV-related things will be returned from the search. Simply be persistent and keep looking every day or two, and you will ultimately locate a free RV.

Place a Craigslist AD

Additionally, you can advertise on Craigslist that you are looking for a free RV and will take it off the owner’s property. You might be helping several owners by removing their RV from their property since they lack the funds to do so.

Trading service or product for the RV is another smart move. Although it isn’t technically free this way, as no money is entering your pocket, it is close to being free.

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How to Use Craigslist to Get Free Remodeling Materials

How to Use Craigslist to Get Free Remodeling Materials

Utilize Craigslist to find available or really affordable building supplies like insulation, carpeting, countertops, piping supplies, electric supplies, and more once you’ve found a free RV because you’ll almost probably need to renovate it.

RV Classifieds Search

I frequently visit RV listings and have observed RVs being offered for free. Again, they are available for the taking even though they typically need some labor. and are two RV-specific ads, however they’re not the best places to look for free RVs.,,,, and your local newspaper’s classifieds are some of the better options. Finding free RVs in these listings requires some time and work, but if you are persistent and patient, you can discover them.

Canvass Your Community

There are so many RVs that I have seen in people’s yards that are just idly parked. They are obviously not in use just by looking at them. Typically, they have two-foot-tall grass surrounding them and flat tires. Additionally, they appear outdated and in poor condition.

Simply knock on the owner’s door and inform them that you are seeking an RV to restore when you come across one like this. Inquire whether they would be willing to let you remove their RV in exchange for them getting rid of it.

Many RVs are parked on people’s properties because the owners either don’t know how to remove them or don’t have the funds to tow them away. You can have a wonderful chance here to obtain an RV for nothing! Keep an eye out because your free RV could be waiting just around the corner if you keep looking!

Win an RV

Winning an RV in a competition is the last free RV option. Even though it’s extremely unlikely, consider your chances of winning. Millions of individuals participate in HGTV’s sweepstakes each year to win a free house.

So perhaps you’ll be fortunate and win an RV! To make it simple for you to enter to win an RV, organizations like UltraContest and Sweepstakes Advantage search the internet for RV contests.

Additionally, major corporations periodically organize contests and give away free RVs, like Airstream and KOA. Don’t forget to look for giveaways and contests at your neighborhood RV dealerships as well!

Discuss A Time Or Goods Trade

A free RV can be obtained by trading goods or services, which is a fantastic method. What assets or services may you transfer in exchange for a brand-new recreational vehicle?

Bartering benefits all parties involved because one man’s garbage is another man’s treasure. Start by determining the fair market value of the RV you want. then present the owner with an offer that is truly valuable.

They can be an elderly people with limited mobility. Can you assist with yard work or home repairs? Do you have the ability to offer in-demand professional abilities like bookkeeping, computer instruction, or house organization?

FAQ About Free RVs For Diabled Veterans

Is a special license required to drive an RV?

No, you don’t require a unique license. Driving a normal vehicle and operating an RV are very similar tasks. The majority of recreational vehicles drive like trucks and have automatic transmissions. If you’re intending to travel overseas, find out in advance whether you need to obtain an international license for the country you’ll be visiting.

What are some hazards to consider when getting a free RV?

Some older RVs, particularly those from flood or hurricane zones, might contain mold. Mold can have a negative impact on your health. Look for mold and excessive moisture in all of the vehicle’s corners. Before settling inside your RV, be sure all additional health risks have been completely removed.

What kind of RV can you find for free the best?

Choose the type of RV you desire before searching for a free RV. The type you drive or the type you tow is your decision. RVs in the Class A, B, and C range in size. Travel trailers, 5th wheels, and pop-up campers are a few examples of the types you tow.

Final Verdict

With some work and perseverance, it is possible to locate free RVs for disabled veterans in a number of methods. And while everyone is not interested in getting a free RV, there are many excellent possibilities available for those who do.

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