10 Best Dental Insurance for Seniors on Medicare 2023

If you are a senior citizen and you’re trying to find out the affordable best dental insurance for seniors on medicare, then obviously, you are not alone in this perspective. When you grow older, issues like tooth decay and diseases in your teeth will become more vulnerable to your teeth.

The main issue is our country’s Seniors Health Insurance program, known as Medicare, doesn’t provide most of the dental work. For this problem, most seniors are struggling to find affordable dental insurance for them. On average,1 out of 6 aged citizens are saying that their oral health is not good enough; they describe it as “Imperfect.”

National Poll On Healthy Aging says that approximately 47% of the 60 to 80 years aged adults skip their insurance because it is not an easy task to find an affordable dental program with the perfect coverage.

Based on their price, caps, covers, and more, we have overviewed 10 companies to figure out the suitable plan as the best dental insurance plans for seniors on medicare.

Proceed reading to discover the best plan that outfits you.

What Is The Best Dental Insurance for Seniors On Medicare?

Aged citizens are facing a lot of difficulties in finding the proper dental insurance. Because the original Medicare Plan does not provide sufficient dental services to the seniors. Dental Plans included in original Medicare are just like a partial service that does not fulfill the needs of the seniors.

The original Medicare Gives two types of service basically, are Part A (which includes hospital facilities), and the other is Part B (which provides medical insurance). But it is a matter of concern that none of them are not providing any proper or sufficient dental care.

On the Basis of the Dental Association of America, the dental problems of senior citizens include Dental cavities, Dry mouth, and Periodontitis, which is a significant gum issue. Physical and cognitive issues of the seniors are also a great concern, thus resulting in oral health care difficulties.

As a result, you are in need of a Medicare-specific Dental plan for avoiding extra payment in your dental arrangements. Usually, a basic dental insurance policy offers cleanings, fillings, removals, and a few repairs. You have to disburse some money from your bag to benefit from some exclusive coverage.

They may include periodontics, implants, Endodontics, dentures, and some cosmetic facilities. Furthermore, you should move on to premium services if you require major coverages like implants or dentures.

What is the Average Dental Insurance Cost for Seniors On Medicare?

When it comes to navigating the treacherous waters of Medicare dental insurance, one must exercise a degree of discernment and prudence that borders on the sagacious. The cost of these plans varies from company to company, and the onus falls on you to pick a plan that suits your unique needs.

The basic level plans offer an entry-level foray into the world of Medicare dental insurance, with prices hovering around the 18-dollar mark per month. These plans provide basic amenities such as x-rays, cleanings, and check-ups, but as with most things in life, you get what you pay for.

Should you desire full access to a dizzying array of preventive tips, basic facilities, and major dental works, the cost can skyrocket up to 100 dollars per month, leaving your wallet feeling somewhat light.

One must tread cautiously when venturing into the domain of premium plans, as the waiting period choice, range of coverage, and in-network dentists vary from company to company. It may be prudent to forgo the premiums altogether if the services provided do not align with your particular needs.

A 2018 survey of Medicare and Medicaid services revealed that the average cost of Medicare Advantage premium plans hovered around the 30-dollar mark per month. However, one must be mindful that the cost of these plans can fluctuate wildly, ranging from 0 dollars to a whopping 100 dollars per month.

As one enters the twilight of their life, it behooves them to select a Medicare-recognized company that offers not only affordability but also peace of mind, an intangible that money simply cannot buy.

10 Best Dental Insurance for Seniors on Medicare

If you are stuck with us from the beginning till now, the next part is going to be the one for which you’re waiting eagerly. We have listed the 10 best dental insurance for seniors on Medicare after lots of prolonged research and overviews considering multiple factors like price, coverage, and many more.

1. United Healthcare Dental insurance

United Healthcare Dental insurance

United Healthcare stands out as one of the largest dental insurance providers in all of America. Founded in 1977, based on their popularity and their assemblage with the AARP(The American Association of Retired People), they were chosen as the best medical insurance service provider so far.

They also have the record for most enrollments in 2019, which is almost 22 million people, and it covers almost 25% of the total Medicare Subscriptions, which is higher in comparison with other companies. They provide a versatile range of dental hunch, which also includes dental insurance with no postponed period.

It reminds us that the best health insurance provider title goes for their name. It gives a decent range of plans for its consumers at an acceptable price. Since they are the largest health insurance provider, they also have many reasonably priced plans for their consumers that will meet up their requirements.

To avail of those services, you have to take their insurance policy, and you should follow some rules and regulations as well as pay some money. Here are some of the plans of United Health Care which include Dental Insurance.

Medicare Advantage Plan(Part C)

This plan is like a supplementary plan of parts A and B. It includes various facilities from basic to the major level of treatments and checkups. The dental insurance Service of this plan is pretty good if you can pay a bit more and shift to the premium version.

Their Premium Version will cover all the services you need to maintain perfect oral health at an older age. You just need to throw a decent amount of money from your pocket for subscribing to this plan, and it will be nearly 10 to 100 dollars monthly.

Dual Special Needs Plan(D-SNP)

You will feel comforted to know that this plan is for people aged over 65. If you are over 65 and wondering for a tension-free backup in this retirement period, then this is the plan for you. The good news is this plan will cover up beyond the original Medicare Plan.

It will give you basic medical and hospital facilities and thanksgiving transportation facilities as well. They have also included coverage of prescriptions with drugs. So without delay, grab this plan if you are qualified for this.

2. Humana


Humana is a well-known American Health Insurance Company founded in 1961 in Louisville, Kentucky. Its service is preferably best in providing online tools for Medicare Insurance and others as well.

Humana has gathered a decent amount of people through their fantastic service. Side by side, their consumers are almost 2 million people countrywide. Their Programs are very versatile and trustworthy also. Here are some of them listed below-

  • RXMentor is Humana’s one of the most famous services, which allows you to track your enrolments and keeps your medications list up to date easily.
  • Humana’s plans have access to more than 85% of Medicare Advantages in one program.
  • They also have an app named MyHumana, which provides fingerprint access of ID cards for signing in, In-network providers, and drug pricing as well.
  • SilverSneakers is also an app service from Humana that offers fitness programs for aged people, including Gym Access, classes, tracking, and much more.
  • They also provide Medicare Advantage Services at an affordable price and offer discounts for some specific territories. Humana’s premium Medicare plan offers basic to major dental services for both in-network and out-network dentists.

3. Kaiser Permanente

Kaiser Permanente

Kaiser Permanente is an integrated health care company founded in Oakland, California. Henry J. Kaiser, a pioneering industrialist, founded the organization in 1945. It has over 300 thousand employees, which includes over 63 thousand nurses and over 23 thousand Doctors as a record of 2020.

They are famous for their customer service, which should be the key point of any health company. Kaiser Permanente has a lot of the best hospitals nationwide.

They are also ranked in a decent position for their overall performance (care and service). Kaiser has a wide range of plans which suit your needs.

Medicare Advantage Plans

The Kaiser Medicare Advantage Plans will provide you Part A, B, and D as well. Moreover, You will get drug prescription coverage and More additional facilities. Dental care, Vision Check-ups, and hearing Treatments are also added to this plan as additional Services.

They cover most of the services in one plan, respectively. This plan is known as part C of Medicare programs which specifically includes dental coverage, and their service will cover your needs. After subscribing to their plans, you will be able to feel the difference between the services of this provider to others.

4. EHealth insurance

EHealth insurance

Ehealth is an Insurance company which provides various facilities, mainly Health-related insurances are their main objectives. It was founded by Scott Flanders in 1997. Nestled in Santa Clara, California lies its office.

On the basis of 2018, they have approximately thousands of employees. They provide Health Insurance Plans related to Medicare which includes Medicare Advantage Plan, Medigap, Prescription Drug Plans, etc.

Their main motto is to ensure a proper Service related to Health, which will help people to stay relaxed and healthy. Actually, most of the Medicare recognized companies provide almost similar plans, but the difference comes in terms of providing proper service.

Ehealth Insurance helps people to compare and choose the most suitable one. In their Health Insurance coverage, they have already enrolled almost 5 million people.

Moreover, They have licensed their services to all the 50 states respectively, including Washington DC as well. They offer more than 10 thousand products related to health insurance. They also claim that their aim is to make health-related insurances and to shop as easy as possible.

Medicare Advantage Plans

Their Medicare Insurance plans include all the services that exist(related to Medicare). Their programs and plans diffusion are very user sympathetic.

They have kept various options to compare easily within a single click. Just Select ‘Compare’ and there you go, they will show you all their services and allow you to compare between them to help you purchase the suitable one for you.

Another positive part is their large range of options for health insurance and related products. Their cost will be pretty higher compared to others.

Your cost may vary from others in respect of your age, your state, and the type of service you select. It would help if you calculated your total expenses before you go for the payment. Overall What we can say is they will provide you with great support.

5. WellCare


WellCare was founded in 1985 by Edward Ullman. It was based in Tampa, Florida. This is a Healthcare Company that is a newcomer compared to others. They offer Medicare, and Medicaid plans thoroughly with great customer service as well as potentiality.

Their only limitation is their service is not available in all the states, and they only provide their programs in 25 States.

WellCare provides Medicare Advantage Plans, Medigap, Prescription Drug Service, and much more with the touch of caring. Let’s have a discussion about one of their Plans.

Medicare Advantage Plan

Medicare Plan is for Senior Citizens, and they don’t get all the services they need in the original Medicare plan (Plan A & Plan B). That’s a matter of concern because their issues with dental are not handled correctly in the Original Medicare Plan. Nothing to worry about, WellCare’s Medicare Advantage Plan is here to help you out.

This Plan includes Major treatments, Basic care, and Preventive parts also. You can shift on to this plan without worrying if you have no worries about the budget. They provide a full range of plans, such as HMO, EPO, PPO, etc., in premium packages.

The budget will stand out at approximately 50 dollars on average. Actually, it starts from 0 to 100 dollars per month. The cost depends on your needs and specifications, as they provide the best dental coverage for seniors on medicare customized plans for every individual with regard to their requirements.

6. Cigna


As the insurance providing company of North America, Cigna Started its work. But now it is recognized as a global healthcare Company. It was founded by the combination of CG and INA in 1982.

Its headquarter is situated in Bloomfield, Connecticut. Their service mostly includes Health Insurance, Medical, Dental, etc.

They also provide Accident Insurance, Life Insurance, Disability Insurance, and more related to this.

Cigna gives a large range of facilities related to Medicare Plans. They have a reputable amount of investment and employees. They have over 65 thousand employees on the basis of 2017.

Their personalized and customized plans are of great benefit to the customers. They proclaim that it is better than a Health Insurance Company.

Medicare Advantage Plan

Medicare Plans have been pretty similar as described above. With Cigna, we have noticed a skylight difference in the perspective of special needs. They are best for fulfilling Special needs as they provide personalized plans. They detect your need by performing a Health Risk Assessment.

Medicare plans include all types of services (HMO, EPO, PPO), and they also charge pretty similar money like the others. Based on your requirements, Cigna provided a special care plan only for you whether you need preventive care or intensive care. Grab the program which suits you best.

7. Renaissance


Among all the Health Insurance Provider Companies, Renaissance is enlisted in our category in the Seventh Number. To retain an active lifestyle and to remain healthy, you obviously need an overall checkup of your buoy. Your teeth are also a major part of your body.

To maintain a better lifestyle, you have to look forward to your dental health also. Renaissance is such a health Service Provider who has specific plans to maintain your dental health up to the level. Renaissance also provides Medicare programs to ensure your satisfaction. They have plenty of plans for your Dental care.

Active Lifestyle Dental Plan

Their active Plans Provide Medicare Services to the seniors, which include Dental Service, Vision coverage, and other supplementary facilities. Active Lifestyle Dental Plan Provides:

  • Excellent Coverage to your dental health
  • Money savings by visiting a Renaissance recognized Dentist
  • No waiting period neither in diagnostics nor preventive
  • Chance to manage vision coverage at a reasonable price

8. Guardian Direct

Guardian Direct

Guardian is a mutual Insurance provider side by side. It also offers health insurance facilities. It was founded in 1860, and the key people of this company are Andrew McMahon. The corporation is established in Manhattan, New York. They have an overall 8 thousand employees.

They have provided service to almost 20 million Americans for 159 years of timespan. The benefit of having dental insurance is you don’t have to cut a large amount of money the next time you are going to a dentist. Guardian provides dental insurance for Medicare.

Guardian provides both PPO and DHMO services. Purchasing a dental plan from us doesn’t mean that the doctor will serve you with only teeth. Furthermore, you will get overall health coverage if you have insurance. Guardian will exceed your overall expectations both by service and care.

Medicare Advantage Plans

Guardian Direct has three specific advantage plans for PPO dental insurance. They are Advantage Bronze, Advantage Silver, and Advantage Gold.

However, Bronze is one of the cheapest plans from Guardian Direct which charges just 20 dollars per month. Gold has an expensive price tag of about 50 dollars monthly.

The features of all these Advantage plans from Guardian Direct are as follows.

  • They offer you choose any dentists from your convenient location and disease criteria
  • You can get all the major disease coverages without any waiting period for the first 1 year
  • In approximately six months’ time, your filling services will be completed!
  • You can save a maximum of 50 dollars if you select any in-network dentists for servicing
  • Cleaning includes no waiting period and you can get free Bronze services for the first year with the Advantage Gold plan

They also have a wide section of dental insurance plans named Diamond, Achiever, Core, and Starter. Their Diamond and Achiever plan offers full dental coverage with teeth whitening and other premium benefits.

The Core plan comes with reliable coverage that includes a combination of both basics and essential plans. Their Starter plan includes essential services like Preventive Care, dental X-rays, cleanings, etc.

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9. DentalPlans.com

DentalPlans.com is a leading health insurance provider company that gives its services online. It is a platform that helps consumers to choose the best plan available in the market from different companies(Aetna, Cigna, Carrington, etc.) The company was founded in 1999, and it has over 120+ employees. It is based in Plantation, Florida and its headquarters is also there.

Dental Plans is also one of the best dental insurance for seniors on Medicare which offers plans with an average discount of 10 to 60 percent. They have two different categories of plans for dental insurance.

Dental Savings Plans and Dental Insurance Plans are the go-to options for many people looking to save money on dental care. However, Dental Savings Plan has the most benefits than the best dental plans for seniors on medicare.

Dental Savings Plan

A dental savings plan has more than 30 specific categories for meeting the needs of each user type. With the Savings plan, you can easily shop with confidence.

They also have an easy switching option to any other convenient plan at any time. Dental Plans also have vast team members to help you find out the best plan.

The features of the Dental Savings Plan are:

  • The savings plan comes with an easy activation option which is not available in the Dental Insurance Plan.
  • No tedious paperwork is needed to subscribe – it’s as easy as that!
  • They offer dental insurance services without any waiting period for Dental Care
  • You can also save a bulk from the Cosmetic Dentistry Savings option
  • It has no health restrictions and no annual limits for service coverages

Dental Plans come with comprehensive dental insurance plans for all sorts of users. Their best dental insurance for seniors on Medicare plans is offered based on states, service criteria(business or personal), procedures, dentist types, and savings. If you want to gain a deeper understanding of their services and plans, explore their FAQ section today!.

10. Careington


Careington has a vast collection of dental care or insurance plans which offer maximum discounts for seniors. It can be stated as one of the best dental insurance for seniors on Medicare which charges just 20 dollars as a one-time activation fee. The dental care discount plans from Live Healthy by Careington are C500, POS, CPPS, and DenteMax.

If you’re a subscribed member of the Dental Care industry, you can get discounts ranging from 45 to 65 percent. Suppose, routine checkups, it has a regular cost of 78 dollars.

The members included in the best dental plan for medicare seniors have to pay just 30 dollars. In this circumstance, you can save up to 48 dollars, which means 62 percent savings.

Careington Advantage Plan

For an annual subscription, Live Healthy Dental Plan by Careington costs from 89 to 169 dollars. It means that the dental coverage under the insurance plan will have a monthly charge of 8.95 to 16.95 dollars.

The cost is cheaper for a single-person subscription. If you add one or a couple of family members under a single account of a plan, the cost may be doubled.

Features of Live Healthy Dental Care Advantage Plan by Careington are as follows.

  • Get access to unlimited plan usage regardless of the dentists and services
  • All the plans are open for users under the subscribed accounts
  • Enjoy dental insurance services without any waiting period for any treatments
  • Claim your discounts at any time of the service procedure and use it instantly
  • Charges a minimal activating or subscribing fee of just 20 dollars
  • If you’re not completely satisfied with the services, you are welcome to cancel at any time. Please note that a $20 activation fee is non-refundable.

The treatments and other services list of Careington Dental Care Plan is broad and comprehensive. It includes single tooth extraction, molar root canal, routine checkup, Complete Upper Denture, Crowning, Extensive Oral Exams, Bitewing X-ray, White Composite Filling, Adult & Child Cleaning, etc.

All subscribed members of the Dental Care industry can get discounts ranging from 45 to 65%. If you are looking to find out more details about plans and services for Careington Dental Insurance, check out their FAQs.

How to Choose The Best Dental Insurance for Seniors On Medicare?

Before you decide to switch with any providers for your dental insurance, you need to consider a few factors so that you won’t regret it afterward.

We have picked the best dental insurance for seniors by contemplating several crucial factors or, you can say, features of the providers. Let’s discuss the methodology of choosing dental insurances for seniors on Medicare.

Overall Costs

Dental insurance plans offered by providers come with a wide assortment of plans and pricing. Therefore, you should observe the monthly and yearly costs of the insurance plans.

Several providers come with insurance plans which include activation fees and other deductibles. Check all the split info about the pricing about your preferred provider before you move on.

Network availability

Network availability means the activity and servicing of the dentists based on the network & coverage area. There are two main categories of dentists available for dental insurance they are on-network and off-network.

You should always look for insurance providers that offer services with in-network dentists. Since on-network dentists offer enhanced services with less cost and also include savings & discounts.

Waiting Periods

This is one of the most essential facts that make a difference in every insurance provider. The waiting period means you need to wait for that period to get the treatment or service after receiving it once.

Some insurance providers have plans without any waiting period for certain medications and treatment services. You should check out all plans and their waiting periods before proceeding further.

Coverage Limits

Coverage limits mean the services or a certain number of treatments and medications offered by providers under a particular dental insurance plan. In such cases, you need to pick dental insurance providers that offer more services and coverages into their insurance policy.

Because several services like dentures, implants, crowning, and other dental care are excluded from dental insurances of a few providers. It may cost you the extra expense to cover these treatments from elsewhere.


Last and the most crucial fact to consider before picking a dental insurance provider is the history, service reliability, and customer satisfaction. You should also check the complaint levels from the users to determine the service quality of the provider. Always look for a provider which has more positive ratings than negatives.

FAQ About Best Dental Insurance for Seniors on Medicare

What is included in the Dental Insurance for Seniors on Medicare?

The basic dental insurance services from several providers include treatment and medications like routine checkups, fillings, repairs, extractions, and other cleanings. Premium plans of the dental insurances may come with coverages like orthodontia, endodontics, implants, and additional cosmetic services.

What are the average expenses of dental insurance plans?

Considering all the providers we have included in our listing, the average rate of the basic insurance policies may range from 19 to 22 dollars monthly. Premium insurance plans, including Medicare Advantage Plan, may cost 0 to 100 dollars each month.

Is Paying for Dental Insurance as a Senior Worth It?

You should go for dental insurance by considering a few facts like your teeth’ current health, issues, and the dental history of your predecessors.
Calculate the overall costs, and balance it with your needs and personal preferences of your & your whole family. By making wise decisions, you can be worth your dental insurance.

What Are the Advantages of Purchasing a Medicare Advantage Plan?

Medicare Advantage plans combine a whole section of services like dental, vision, hearing, and other health complications. You can pick a Medicare advantage plan if you are a senior who wants to get all the health coverage under one plan for a hassle-free life in the ending period.

What are generally excluded from dental insurance for seniors on Medicare?

Basic insurance plans may not cover premium medication and dental services like dentures, crowning, implants, root canals, and other fillings. Moreover, basic insurance plans have an average waiting period from six to twelve months, which can be inconvenient for seniors.

Final Verdict

It can be a tricky and challenging task to find out the best dental insurance for seniors on Medicare if you step forward without comprehending the overall facts about all insurance providers.

You should always look for companies by considering their overall history, customer service, availability, and price tags. Don’t forget to check out other aforementioned key facts before finalizing actions.

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