Top 10 Home Video Monitoring Systems For Elderly In 2023

Choosing a home security system can be a cumbersome task, particularly when it comes to ensuring the safety of older family members. To find the best home video monitoring systems for elderly, you have to look for companies that keep people safe without demanding an astonishing price or making the technology difficult.

In today’s article, I have listed some top companies that have straightforward pricing and easy-to-use security systems. You have the ability to configure the majority of the systems listed below.

And they have several unique features that are helpful for seniors – door entry sensors, window entry sensors, indoor motion sensors, top-quality medical alert systems, hazard sensors, and security cameras.

All of them can be monitored via mobile phone and controlled from anywhere. No matter where you are, the home video monitoring systems will notify you in case of any emergency. So, without delaying anymore, let’s move on to the best home video monitoring systems for elderly.

Top 3 Recommended Video Monitoring Systems For Elderly

SimpliSafeEasy DIY installation, short to no contracts, fast monitoring response times, and affordable monthly fees.
VivintExpensive in comparison but has robust services, has lots of home automation features, and a convenient mobile app.
ADTOffers high-quality equipment, professional installation, best monitoring, and six months money-back guarantee.

Top 10 Home Video Monitoring Systems For Elderly In 2023

1. SimpliSafe

Home Video Monitoring Systems For Elderly - SimpliSafe

The home security systems provided by SimpliSafe’s offer a feeling of assurance to homeowners and are effortless to install. The company has fantastic home security equipment for renters as well as those interested in a DIY security system as they provide a variety of motion sensors and security cameras.

SimpliSafe is another low-cost home security solution that does not need consumers to sign long-term contracts and charges for expert surveillance by the day instead of the month.

There is a one-time price for SimpliSafe’s hardware, but you own the system and can take it with you while moving. You may buy the equipment and monitor it yourself; however, you’ll get a 25% discount on the gear if you register for professional monitoring. You do not have to sign a contract for monitoring; you pay on a month-to-month basis and can cancel at any moment.

If you’d like, you can opt to have a SimpliSafe expert come to your home and install your system for an additional charge of $79.00. By purchasing their equipment with a professional service, the users reduce the cost.

SimpliSafe Equipment

Here’s all you get with the Simplisafe package

Base Station: A white, cylindrical equipment serves as the system’s main hub and as a backup for household cellular connections. It wirelessly connects the other sensors and has a monitoring service package, SimpliSafe’s dispatchers. It also has a 95-decibel siren, which sounds if something sets off the alarm.

SimpliCam: This is the system’s single security camera, an inside video camera, that provides a 120-degree field of vision; however, no zooming options.

The camera has a night mode and a dual side microphone, which is attached to the elderly camera monitoring system. You may watch the video or save it in the cloud for an extra monthly cost. However, It does not differentiate people from pets and robots, so it may sometimes provide false alerts.

Video Doorbell Pro: You can talk to everyone who rings your doorbell with this video camera and dual-way audio system. You have to hook it on your current doorbell.

The camera comes with a 162-degree field of view and night mode. Different from the SimpliCam, you can employ human identification here; it won’t alarm automobiles and pets.

Entry Sensors: This product is divided into two components; one for the doors and another for the windows. And alert you when they are opened.

Keypad: The Bluetooth keypad is the principal interface for arming and disarming the system. The tamper-resistant design ensures that both the ground station and mobile app remain functional even in the event of removal or damage.

Motion Sensors: They are basically best for corners, covering 30 feet on a 90-degree angle field of vision.

Other Accessories: SimpliSafe comes equipped with a panic button, key fob, extra 105-decibel siren, glass-break sensor, and smart lock for added security.

Moreover, the company also delivers environmental monitoring tools like smoke detectors, temperature and freeze sensors, water sensors, and carbon monoxide detectors to ensure complete safety.

2. Vivint


Vivint has been in the home security sector for around 20 years. In 2011, the company underwent a name change and shifted its focus to wireless home security, which now forms part of a larger range of smart-home devices. 

The entire suite of home technology offered by the company is now completely integrated and controlled through the Vivint smart-home app.

A Vivint system is made of security sensors as well as environmental safety alerts. Various types of security sensors include motion detectors, door and window monitors, and glass break detectors.

These sensors warn the Vivint hub of potential break-ins so that Vivint’s professional monitoring stations may be notified.

Vivint offers a comprehensive suite of safety solutions, including smoke detectors, carbon monoxide sensors, and water leak monitors that can detect freezing pipes and prevent costly water damage.

However, they are only the fundamentals. You may upgrade your Vivint system to meet the demands of an elderly loved one. Vivint, for example, includes several inside and outside security cameras.

Vivint Equipments

Vivint Smart Hub: With this base station, you can arm and disable your system, respond to your door, check surveillance video, and contact customer care.

This touchscreen tablet may be wall-mounted or put on a table. It also works in tandem with Vivint’s smartphone app, allowing you to control lighting and temperature, view security camera video monitor seniors at home, view your Vivint Doorbell Camera Pro, control your doors’ lock, and activate your security system from any time and anywhere.

Vivint Doorbell Camera Pro: The video doorbell has a 180°x 180° field of vision and a 1080p HDR resolution. It deters would-be burglars.

Its motion-detecting software enables filming, an LED light, and a siren-speaker with a volume of 65 decibels. You can also set up personalized surveillance zones using the camera to eliminate false alerts from automobiles going by your house.

Vivint Indoor Camera: When activity is spotted, Vivint’s indoor cameras deliver SMS notifications, allowing you to monitor potentially harmful situations swiftly. When your alarm turns off, these motion security cameras immediately record a clip, including two-way audio.

Vivint Door and Window Sensor: Those sensors detect any breaches near your doors and windows. They can raise an alert and inform one of Vivint’s 24/7 monitoring stations about the incident.

In addition to their primary function, these sensors are capable of communicating with the Vivint Smart Thermostat to help regulate the temperature of your home.

Smart Lock: With Vivint’s smart lock, you can easily install it on any of your entryways and pair it with the Vivint app. This allows you to lock and unlock your doors right from your smartphone.

The lock can store up to 30 different codes and tracks them to keep you aware of who locks and unlocks doors at specific times.

3. Abode

Home Video Monitoring Systems For Elderly - Abode

Abode is a relatively young home security provider. Their beginning kits are reasonably priced, and Abode’s all-in-one home security system, dubbed iota, is simple to set up: Simply plug it in and link it to a free smartphone app.

Abode’s DIY security kits are reasonably cheaper in comparison to other DIY security systems, with the Smart Home security Kit costing $199 and the iota All-In-One Security Kit costing $229, both of which follow the industry norm for prepackaged systems.

While inexpensive, Abode’s home security kits are intended to establish the groundwork for your security system and cover the fundamentals such as motion detection and video monitoring system for elderly.

The system can be expanded by purchasing additional accessories such as water leak sensors and vibration glass break detectors.

Abode Equipment

Abode Cam: This abode Cam is an interior camera that may be plugged in. With the aid of infrared LED sensors and a wide-angle lens, the camera can produce crystal-clear footage even in low light conditions. It also has two-way audio for remote conversations with your elderly relatives.

Nest cameras: Abode is compatible with a number of high-end Nest cameras, including but not limited to the Nest Cam IQ Indoor, Nest Cam IQ Outdoor, Nest Cam Indoor, Nest Cam Outdoor, and Nest Doorbell.

You can watch the cameras from the abode app thanks to this connection. It does, however, need a Nest Aware membership. Learn more about the price of Nest cameras for elderly monitoring.

Smart plugs: It allows you to monitor and operate plugged-in devices from a distance. Smart plugs are a popular method for seniors to make their lives easier, but they may also bring peace of mind. You may, for example, remotely check to see if your loved one has switched off the oven, iron, or other equipment. If they haven’t turned off their appliances, you can do it for them.

First Alert smoke and CO detector – This smart device can be added to your home smartphone app, guaranteeing that you get fire and carbon monoxide notifications on behalf of a loved one.

4. ADT


ADT provides what many seniors want: familiar technology from a well-known and trusted company. ADT is one of the few surviving firms that still sells security systems that old-fashioned keypads can control.

Customers can choose between touchscreen devices and more conventional LCD control panels.

The ADT Command LCD control panel is an excellent choice for families who struggle with acclimating to touch-sensitive controls.

You may encounter various expenses with a home security system, including equipment, installation, monitoring (unless self-monitored), and activation. ADT professional monitoring costs $28.99–$59.99 per month.

However, the equipment cost is excluded here, which you can pay in at once or every month. The installation costs will differ depending on the system, package, and equipment.

ADT Equipment

Keypad Panel: With this LED control panel, you can manage your whole home security system. It allows you to equip and disable alarms from a centralized place.

Motion Sensor: It detects human movements rather than pet motions, reducing false alerts.

Sensors for doors and windows: These sensors alert you when someone enters or exits your house.

Key fob: The security system includes a key fob that allows you to disarm and arm your house while you’re away.

Smart Plugs and Switches: These enable you to control lights and turn them on and off remotely. Plug the smart plug into an electrical socket and connect it to your lamp or small electronic device.

Smart Lock: With this smart lock, you may remotely lock and open your door. Individual PINs can be created for each family member or anybody who requires entry to your house. You may also receive SMS or email alerts when someone enters your house.

ADT Video Doorbell: This ADT doorbell has motion-activated HD video and 2-way audio, which lets you monitor front entrance activity.

ADT Security Cameras: The system includes a video doorbell, outdoor or indoor camera monitor for elderly, ADT security cameras; thus lets you visually check what is happening in your house from anywhere. There are also options like HD video, motion-triggered recording, and audio recording.

Garage Door Security: It is mounted on the interior of your garage door to allow you to monitor when your garage door moves and to link your garage door with smart home automation.

Smoke Detector: This gadget detects quickly increasing temperatures and delivers alarms about the smoke in your house to you and an ADT monitoring center. Another way to enhance your system is by minimizing false alarms triggered by cooking smoke.

Flood Detector: This gadget detects water leaking in your basement, near your dishwasher, or wherever else a leak might occur. This sensor also works with the ADT mobile app and operates wirelessly.

5. Brinks

Home Video Monitoring Systems For Elderly - Brinks

Although Brinks does not have the name awareness of some other security businesses, it has been in business since 1859.

What began as bullet-proof vehicles transporting expensive commodities (including the Hope Diamond) evolved into Brink’s Home Security. Brinks security equipment and services are now offered in over 100 countries worldwide.

Brinks Packages

Brinks offers different packages with different price tags to its customers. You can get basic to expert level service.

Nest Secure: This package is the most basic solution from Brinks Home Security. Included in the package is a Nest security device for the home, along with a pair of motion sensors and a duo of tags that can be conveniently used to disarm the system without requiring a code. You may also add interior video surveillance and streaming for an extra fee.

Smart Security Essential: The Smart Security Essential package is comparable to the Nest Secure system. It comes with a control panel, a motion sensor, and two motion detectors. Different from the previous package, the Smart Security Essential bundle does not include video surveillance.

Smart Security Complete: The Essential package covers everything, plus an additional wireless motion sensor and an indoor camera with night vision. Furthermore, it includes video surveillance for seniors, which can be managed and monitored through the mobile application.

Smart Security Ultimate: The most complete home security system that Brinks Home Security offers is the Smart Security Ultimate package. This package includes one home control panel, two wireless motion sensors, three wireless door sensors, one video doorbell camera, one outdoor camera, and professional installation at no additional charge.

6. Frontpoint


Frontpoint is an excellent option for professionally monitored security systems that clients can set up in 30 minutes. No matter what your age is, you will find that the DIY setup is straightforward and effortless.

The majority of Frontpoint’s sensors are attached to walls, doors, and windows via peel-and-stick adhesive strips. Because they are wireless, even outside cameras are simple to set up. You only need to position them where they are needed and then wirelessly link them to Wi-Fi.

Frontpoint Equipment

Hub and Keypad: The complete setup of a Frontpoint security system comprises all the components that link your home’s sensors with the expert monitoring center.

They have “Crash and Smash protection,” which means an alarm is sent to the monitoring center if someone tries to destroy them. The hub also features a 24-hour battery backup, which will be helpful even when a power outage occurs.

Security Sensors: The Frontpoint system comprises a trio of distinct sensors, which includes entry sensors, motion sensors, and glass shatter detectors. You can install the Entry sensors on the front and rear doors and any window to transmit an alarm if they are opened.

The Motion detectors send out a warning when there is unlawful movement. The sound of shattering glass from windows or cases can be activated by glass break sensors, with one of them having the capability to cover an entire room.

Frontpoint Touchscreen: While the hub and keypad allow you to arm and disable your Frontpoint system, the touchscreen provides you more freedom over smart home systems and intrusion sensors.

Security Cameras: The Frontpoint has four kinds of security cameras; two can be used within your house and the other for outdoors.

7. Ring Alarm Security Kit

Home Video Monitoring Systems For Elderly - Ring

Ring introduced its video doorbells in 2013. These video doorbells brought a new trend among competitors and are still popular all-in-one security solutions for modest flats.

In addition, they are also providing entire home security kits for home safety and automation. These security systems can be integrated with Amazon Alexa, allowing the virtual assistant to arm your house, control lights, operate your coffee maker, and change TV volume, among other things. Ring Alarm is also Google Assistant compatible.

Ring Alarm Security Kit Equipments

Ring Video Doorbell 2: It is among Ring’s most famous video doorbells. You can install it over your existing doorbell cables or make it wireless.

It also comes with a battery pack which keeps the gadget running for months. With the help of its motion detector, the Video Doorbell can alert you to visitors at your relative’s door, even if they do not make any noise. It also offers two-way audio if you want to talk to someone before opening the door.

Ring Stick Up Cam Battery: The Ring Stick Up Cam Battery lives up to its name by offering complete portability and flexibility. It’s waterproof, and you can charge it with either the supplied battery or an extra solar panel.

Its special features, like motion detection, infrared night vision, and two-way communication, are valuable tools for monitoring an elderly loved one.

Alarm flood and freeze sensor: Overlooking your basement can be simple, particularly if you’re an elderly individual who prefers to steer clear of stairs. Having Monitoring sensors for water hazards in your basement and other areas of your house will help you avoid costly water damage.

Plug-in dimmer switch: GE’s smart light switches work with the Ring smartphone app. It allows you to control your lights through voice commands or a mobile phone; you can control them all at once or separately.

Plug-in smart outlet: Smart outlets allow you to monitor linked devices remotely and control them. So, even if you’re at home, you can keep an eye on your loved one’s equipment. Ring Alarm is compatible with GE smart outlets, which connect to regular AC outlets.

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8. Cove


Cove is new in the home security market, but it quickly becomes customers’ favorite security suppliers in the DIY home security system sector. Cove was founded in 2018.

Cove has two professional monitoring programs for its customers – Cove Basic and Cove Plus. Both of these strategies do not demand any execution of contracts.

It also offers a 60-day money-back guarantee. Unlike top security system providers, CoveCove does not provide a self-monitoring package.

Cove Equipments

Cove Touch Alarm Panel: The key element of Cove’sCove’s security system, the alarm panel, connects homes to their company’s six 24/7 observation stations.

This panel lets users arm or disarm the system and the company’s mobile app or key fob. To safeguard the system from future weather disruptions, the company’s alarm panel includes a 24-hour backup battery.

Door and Window Sensors: These sensors, which can be put on any door or window, alert you when someone enters or exits your house.

Motion Detector: This detects any usual movement in your room and sets off an alarm. In most homes, adding one motion sensor in each high-traffic area offers adequate security. You can get additional motion sensors for bigger houses.

Key Remote: With these security key fobs, you can turn them on and off your home security system with the touch of a button. Numerous key fobs can be purchased if you require multiple persons to access your security system.

Glass Break Detector: The device senses whether your home’s windows or glass doors are shattered. One glass break detector can cover around fifteen feet and is recommended for all windows.

Smoke Detector: These sensors detect fires in their early stages. It is not suggested to put them directly over stoves or cooking areas since this might produce false alerts.

Flood Sensor: Flood sensors notify you in the case of a residential flood that triggers when plumbing leaking or another appliance failure. The system is supplied to your house pre-programmed and is simple to install.

These detectors are frequently installed near flowing water, such as beneath water heaters, sinks, refrigerators, and between the toilet and the sink.

CO Detector: To prevent poisoning, these sensors detect hazardous carbon monoxide gas. CO detectors are frequently installed near bedrooms to inform homeowners who are asleep. Some homeowners install these sensors near a utility room to detect carbon monoxide from fuel-burning equipment.

Medical Alert Necklace: Cove provides a medical alert necklace to wear around the house and yard. By pressing the button on the necklace, it delivers a message to the monitoring center and close ones.

YI interior camera: This allows you to observe what’s going on in your house and connect with it via two-way voice communication.

9. Blue by ADT

Home Video Monitoring Systems For Elderly - Blue by ADT

When it comes to customization, Blue by ADT truly excels. You can tailor its products, such as cameras, doorbells, and motion detectors, to match your specific needs.

Whether you reside in a spacious house or a compact apartment, Blue by ADT can efficiently secure your premises.

You may also operate and manage your system from a distance using its free smartphone app. You’re never too distant from home with Blue by ADT even while you’re away.

Blue by ADT’s Equipment

Base: This is the central unit of your home security system. If you also purchase the Pro monitoring, all the sensors will be connected to the monitoring system, which has both its advantages and disadvantages.

Entry keypad: It provides another way of turning on and off your system without using the mobile app.

Door sensor: The contact sensor, powered by a battery, alerts you when a door is opened or closed.

Window sensor: The sensors are capable of detecting if a window has been opened or closed. Blue by ADT recommends utilizing a motion sensor instead if you have multiple rooms.

Motion sensor: Blue by ADT offers a pet-friendly motion detector that will not be triggered every time your furry companions (under 40 lbs.) move.

Fire safety sensor: The sensor detects the smoke in your house and notifies you or the monitoring center if it detects any.

10. Wyze


Most startups claim to be “disrupting” an industry, yet Wyze actually does. Its home monitoring cameras start at $36 and offer the same feature you can get from the top contenders of home video monitoring systems for elderly. Thanks to that, the company is becoming more famous these days.


Footage quality: Wyze offers three cameras, and all of its cameras produce 1080p HD video, which makes monitoring simple even if you are using the mobile app. Thus, these cameras are also suitable for large apartments and offices.

Zoom: Zooming is the special feature of the Wyze cameras, among the home video monitoring systems for the elderly. You can zoom eight times in detail using the mobile app.

Two-way audio: Using the best cameras for monitoring elderly, you can directly talk to your family member and the person in front of your door. If you are not home and someone comes, you can communicate with them.

Final Verdict

This era has the most elderly population in all-time history.  In stark contrast to the past, the aged have now become quite tech-adept and curious regarding features such as domiciliary automation. So, keeping that in mind, I have listed the best home video monitoring systems for elderly.

But, before choosing a home video monitoring systems for elderly, there are a few things you have to keep in mind, like budget, technology, sensors, and others. Almost all of them in the list have advanced features.

If money isn’t your concern and you like home automation, SimpliSafe, ADT, and Vivint are the best options. On the contrary, Wyzes home cameras come at a pretty low price if you want to save some money.

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